way to log all websites going through router?

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Chip Borton, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Chip Borton

    Chip Borton Guest

    Is there a way to log all Internet activity going out through my
    router? I have 4 machines and dont really want to try to mess
    with maintaining 4 software packages to log stuff. I have kids in
    the house and just want to make sure they not going to inappropriate
    places. I could put some type of firewall/logging one each machine but
    seem like theres got to be a better way.
    My router (Dlink DI-614+) only has logging for DHCP.
    Chip Borton, Feb 12, 2005
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  2. Chip Borton

    Joe Guest

    D link and all the cheap routers are worthless for what yer trying to do
    and i know cus i have tried the same thing for parental control type
    stuff. the only in my opinion, good way to log and filter sites if that
    is one thing you want to do, is to buy another firewall router. the
    thing here is that you would be buying a firewall appliance, not just a
    router. i mean that the linksys, dlink and all them are routers that
    don't do any logging like this and their firewall isn't a firewwall
    really, but Nat so they call the higher end ones firewall appliances or
    internet security appliances. you will have to buy one of these that has
    a web content filter. they are not cheap however really. probably the
    least expensive is a Zywall 2 from www.us.zyxel.com . you can find it at
    buy.com i think they have it for less then $150 i bet. also there is the
    linksys 802.11g with speed booster that has parental control from
    netopia, but i tried this router and didn't like it. it's less then $99.
    it might work ok for you cus i am more picky and advanced for web
    filtering then most. the Zywall 2 I used their Zywall 2x, they just took
    off the x now, and it is a fairly wonderfull router/appliance. it will
    tell you exactly where people go, how much they download and upload and
    so on. it also has a www filter to block categories of web sites like
    adult, violence and so on using 56 categories. they use to me in my
    opinion the best web filtering provider in the world from cerberian, now
    known as blue coat. www.cerberian.com and www.bluecoat.com . i have
    tried most all home parental control software apps like cybersitter,
    cyberpatrol, netnanny and many others that don't compare well to how
    many web sites cerberian filters properly. i also know personally, well
    via email only, for more then a year and a half the customer
    service/support manager top dog at Cerberian and he's an awesome guy.
    I've made tons of suggestions to them how they can even do better. I
    have seen where cerberian blocks sites that others don't cus the others
    don't even know about them and this is awesome how good cerberian really
    is. i think you should look into the linksys one with speedbooster, and
    then the Zyxdel Zywall 2.
    Joe, Feb 13, 2005
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