Water resistant cameras

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by brian doyle, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. brian doyle

    brian doyle Guest

    I'm in the market for a water resistant compact camera with between 3
    and 5 megapixels.

    I do a lot of fishing and will be taking pics both from the shore and
    from a boat. The camera will need to cope with getting splashed with
    water and will be used in heavy rain. It doesn't need to be fully
    waterproof (it won't be getting immersed in water - hopefully!) but it
    will need to have a fair degree of water resistance.

    I was looking at the Olympus Stylus 400 and 300 and Pentax Optio 33WR.
    The Pentax has a JIS water resistance rating of 7. Does anyone know
    what the rating for the Olympus is? These are the only water resistant
    cameras I've come across, anyone know of any others, is there a list
    on the web anywhere?

    brian doyle, Dec 30, 2003
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  2. brian doyle

    nellybly Guest

    On 12/30/03 11:34 AM, in article
    , "brian doyle"
    Here's a list with reviews:
    nellybly, Dec 30, 2003
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  3. brian doyle

    Eatmorepies Guest

    I have a waterproof camera; it's not digital though - so don't read on if it
    must be digital.

    I have a Canon A1 Prima - point and shoot autofocus with no zoom; it can be
    used to a depth of 5m. I have used it fully immersed in water (bog
    snorkelling), on muddy bike rides and on wet snowy days - I wash and dry it
    when I get home. I only mention it because you can buy then in the UK for
    less than £90. I don't know where you are but almost anywhere is cheaper
    than the UK. The quality of the snaps is good - it's the waterproof
    equivalent of a normal point and shoot Canon 35mm Sureshot Max.

    Eatmorepies, Dec 30, 2003
  4. Here's a soaked Oly 4040Z in action:
    http://www.pixelmemory.us/Photos/BayAreaCamping/April 24 2003/raw/P4262531.JPG

    I was taking close-up a picture of a waterfall when a gust of wind
    slammed the downpour right into me. The camera did some wild stuff
    after that. I had some fun with it then removed the batteries and
    let it dry out. No permanent harm was done.
    Kevin McMurtrie, Dec 31, 2003
  5. brian doyle

    JC Dill Guest

    You might also want to take a look at underwater cases for these
    cameras. There are quite a few cases like these:


    Which would increase the number of cameras that might meet your needs.

    JC Dill, Dec 31, 2003
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