WAS????.tmp folders

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by mailbox24, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. mailbox24

    mailbox24 Guest

    What are WAS????.tmp folders for and can I delete them with no harm to
    the system?
    mailbox24, Feb 4, 2005
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  2. mailbox24

    Computer Kid Guest

    Can you tell me where the WASXXXX.tmp files are? This will help me.
    Computer Kid, Feb 4, 2005
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  3. mailbox24

    mailbox24 Guest

    mailbox24, Feb 4, 2005
  4. It would help the rest of the world to quote a bit of what you are
    responding to.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Feb 4, 2005
  5. Delete them. If any are still in use, you will get told.
    Jadon Burstein, Feb 4, 2005
  6. mailbox24

    Computer Kid Guest

    ? me quote, only when needed...read the message threeds, there GGGGrate!
    Computer Kid, Feb 7, 2005
  7. mailbox24

    Mara Guest

  8. mailbox24

    Computer Kid Guest

    Mara Thanks for the links, didn't know that it was e-mailed, I'm used to
    posting on forms
    and sign in books.

    Now that I know that google groups is e-mailed I'll quote.
    I was responding to Rôgêr, at the time din't know that this was
    e-mail like it is.
    Another thing, gangle, that type of language is not needed here so I
    will ask
    you not to use it here.
    Computer Kid, Feb 7, 2005
  9. mailbox24

    Computer Kid Guest

    ....read the message threeds, there GGGGrate!
    Computer Kid, Feb 7, 2005
  10. mailbox24

    Mara Guest

    Usenet isn't e-mail; when you post, it's propagated to servers all
    over the world. E-mail is one-to-one. (Usually.) Usenet is
    Not everyone reads every post. Therefore, netiquette requires that you
    quote properly, with intact attributions, so that others can see who
    you are talking to, and follow the thread back, if necessary, to find
    the gist of the conversation.
    Reread http://www.dickalba.demon.co.uk/usenet/guide/guide.html

    Relevant point:

    "A newsgroup is an already existing community of people into which you
    have just walked.
    Many of the people posting regularly there have been doing so
    for a long time, they will have established relationships with each
    other, many will be friends offline. It is up to you to fit in with
    them, not for them to adapt to suit you. Before you post your first
    message, lurk for a while. Forget any bad ideas you might have about
    the word 'lurk' - online it simply means to read without posting. By
    doing this, you will get a feel for the culture of the group, who the
    regular posters are, who is likely to be friendly, who is likely to be
    rude, what the group regards as acceptable in terms of thread drift,
    off-topic posts etc. Every newsgroup is different so get a feel for
    the culture before jumping in."

    You are free to ask - just as the glurd is free to post in any manner
    the glurd sees fit.


    The part "Avoid Evangelism" is relevant.
    Mara, Feb 7, 2005
  11. mailbox24

    Computer Kid Guest

    I don't believe that I should "fit in." To fit in is to "walk the
    fence" in
    most cases, not always. To fit in would be to bend my life's rules.
    I do not bend my rules, I will not do something that I believe is bad
    if ever one says it is "OK." I try my hardest to abide by the standards
    that are set before me, weather there from the authorities above me or
    by the governing body around be.
    I do not force mine on to others and others should not force there's on
    - http://crs.uvm.edu/tocp/training2000/lesson_6.htm

    Ok, maybe with this reply I am. But up until now, no one has ever said
    anything about me asking others to refrain from using "bad language."
    I ask every one who over uses "bad language" to refrain if they can.
    It's there choice, I can ignore them. I just don't think a eight
    year old should have to ask, learn, or repeat that type of language.
    - http://crs.uvm.edu/tocp/training2000/lesson_6.htm

    I agree but, not all of us are here to make friends either. I'm not
    to be "confrontational." I never try to be, so much of a wast and a
    wast of time.
    Computer Kid, Feb 8, 2005
  12. mailbox24

    gangle Guest

    Well, it's about time someone called you on it. There is no
    such thing as "bad language" -- just people who perpetrate that
    conception -- people who often then attempt to persuade
    others that such a belief system is "normal" and valid. What you
    think an eight year should learn has no relevance to me, nor should it.
    I'll write using whatever language I please when I please, and
    you can stick your holier-than-thou censorship attitude up your
    tight ass where it belongs.
    gangle, Feb 8, 2005
  13. mailbox24

    Computer Kid Guest

    You are right, I mean "derogatory" language.
    I am not "holier-than-thou" but, I am on the same level as you are.
    I even amit that there are some time I would use a word that is
    derogatory or "bad." I do try to refrain from useing them tho.

    I'm glad we see each other on the same level, maybe we can be
    friends. :)
    Computer Kid, Feb 8, 2005
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