Warranty With Incomplete Warranty Card

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Dave, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Have a problem with a monitor bought a few months ago (Samsung
    SyncMaster 940MW). The problem found to be related to the power board

    My question is regarding the warranty. I am not able to return it to
    the seller. But have the warranty card. The monitor has a three Year
    manufacturer warranty.

    Will Samsung accept the repair with the original receipt and an
    incomplete warranty card (Card not completed by the seller)??

    If so does anyone know the service time for such a repair from

    Many many thanks for any help.
    Kind Regards,
    Dave, Apr 5, 2007
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  2. Dave

    GHalleck Guest

    Why not call Samsung and get the answers directly.
    GHalleck, Apr 5, 2007
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  3. Dave

    thanatoid Guest

    The main reason for the existence of warranty cards is not
    unlike spamming.

    I believe these days all US states - and most civilized
    countries - only require proof of purchase (ie your receipt) to
    honor a warranty.

    If that is NOT the case, I would be EXTREMELY surprised if the
    place where you bought it refused to complete the warranty card
    if you present the purchase ticket and explain the problem. I
    would try that first just to avoid any hassles. Don't call, GO,
    and ask for the manager right away. Don't explain why and don't
    waste your time with regular staff - they are just not
    authorized to make decisions of any kind.
    thanatoid, Apr 5, 2007
  4. Dave

    EricP Guest

    Which country do you live in? An idea would be helpful.
    EricP, Apr 5, 2007
  5. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Wow,... hey thank you for your informativew post. Thank you very much.
    I will now try gettin gthis sorted.

    Thank you very much. :)
    Dave, Apr 6, 2007
  6. Dave

    thanatoid Guest

    My pleasure and good luck.
    thanatoid, Apr 6, 2007
  7. Dave

    Vanguard Guest

    If in the USA (well, if the point of purchase was in the USA) then you
    never need to register a product to get warranty support for it.
    Registration is you volunteering to provide statistics to the vendor and
    possibly providing them with an update to their spamming list or one
    that they sell. Registration does not affect warranty coverage. You
    only need proof of purchase.

    I toss all registration cards. It isn't required. Doesn't matter what
    the vendor says. They aren't allowed to violate law despite saying
    otherwise. Put the receipt with the manual or just tape it inside
    (providing putting it inside doesn't void the warranty - and monitors
    aren't made to be taken apart by consumers).

    Since you will still need an authorized RMA number from Samsung before
    they will accept it, why aren't you calling them?

    Have you checked the sticker shock for the cost of mailing the monitor
    to their repair center? Most shippers won't let you ship using the same
    box that the vendor used to ship it to someone else (i.e., not enough
    protection) because you're likely to want to insure it whereas they
    don't because they account for some damage or theft (you only have one
    while they produce many).

    Asking for turn around time for repairs is pointless. No one knows what
    is wrong with your monitor to know exactly how much effort is needed to
    repair it and if Samsung has the parts already available or has to wait
    for them. You might ask them if they have an exchange policy. I've
    done this with several monitor makers. They charge your credit card and
    ship you a new monitor. You get the new monitor and use the packaging
    to send back your old one, and sometimes they even include return
    shipping (but don't count on it). When they get back the old one, they
    issue a credit back on your card. This eliminate you having to get the
    packaging plus you can continue using the old monitor, if possible,
    until the new one arrives and start using the new one immediately so you
    aren't down at all except for the time to swap them. You won't know
    until you ask them if they have an exchange program for warranty
    Vanguard, Apr 6, 2007
  8. Dave

    philo Guest

    Generally. all that's needed is a proof of purchase.
    Though, in theory you could *force* the place of purchase to honor the
    they's only send it back to the mfg...so to save time you might as well go
    direct...and get an RMA number
    from the mfg.
    You should be able to to so from their website
    philo, Apr 6, 2007
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