Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by William Kinsey, May 13, 2004.

  1. I am recieving a lot of the WARNING YOU WERE SENT A VIRUS messages from
    people I don't even communicate with on the Internet. Can I do something to
    stop these? Does your system filter all the viruses or do I need to do
    something here?


    Debi K
    William Kinsey, May 13, 2004
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    slumpy [not posting from , May 13, 2004
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  3. William Kinsey

    Demolitio Guest

    Well, for one thing, Debi, these messages you are getting are not really
    from other people, rather, but from a virus, most likely Netsky variety. so,
    i would reccommend you delete them immediatly.

    as for getting rid of them, i suggest a good spam filter to do the trick. if
    you use web-browser-based email, then i don't know what you can do save to
    A) kill the idiot that made the virus in the first place or B) look to see
    if your web-based email has it's own filters.

    if you have a software-based email system, like outlook express, then i
    reccommend you either 1) do the same as a) or 11) delete them manually, or
    111) find a good spam filter to download (i reccommend K-9 Spam filter,
    freeware, available at http://keir.net/k9.html . it may be a little hard at
    first becasue it has to build up a database to "learn" from. it's what i use

    hope i didn't confuse you too much :p
    Demolitio, May 13, 2004
  4. William Kinsey

    Hywel Guest

    People just want to be friends.

    Yup. Don't check your email is one option, another is to use a webmail
    service to delete messages you don't want, another is to delete messages
    from people you don't know...

    Mine does.
    Probably. However, you're not being sent viruses, are you? You're
    being sent the warning from other users. Have you got adequate virus
    protection? Are you sure your PC isn't the one doing the sending? Do
    you have anti-spam measures in place? Have you posted here using your
    real email address?
    Hywel, May 13, 2004
  5. William Kinsey

    dwacon Guest

    I am recieving a lot of the WARNING YOU WERE SENT A VIRUS messages
    Try spampal software to filter incoming mail. Mailwasher is another
    alternative... but spampal is more hands-free IME.
    dwacon, May 14, 2004
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