Warner Goes Blu-Ray Exclusive, biggest payoff yet

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by caliman.john, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. caliman.john

    JohnR Guest

    They are in the business of making money, all business is based on greed.
    "owns too much" has sod all to do with business. Communist.
    JohnR, Jan 5, 2008
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  2. caliman.john

    yoman Guest

    We can only hope that hd-dvd can pull something out of their hats, for
    the North-American market, but even if they could, it would still mean
    that both formats will linger side-by-side for years to come. Can the
    world handle two Hi-Def markets? Besides all of the so-called
    "Confused" Hi-Def consumers, if those people even exist, I believe we
    could handle it. Ya know, he who has an HD-DVD player keeps his HD-DVD
    player, Blu-Ray, and vice versa.

    Retailers have other ideas. They only want what is sold off of store
    shelves as fast as possible for as much profit as possible, and maybe
    as much kickbacks as possible. So, places like blockbuster started the
    "Retailers can choose who wins the format war" game. A few chose blu-
    ray, a few chose HD-DVD, and many remained neutral. While that
    probably did help blu-ray a bit, the next move was about the studio
    support. Paramount went to HD-DVD, and now, a major studio with even
    more in their movie library went to blu-ray, and now, the war seems
    all but over in North-America.


    At least we have appx 500 titles in North-America, probably 100 or
    more unique titles in other continents that are easily imported, and
    even though North-American and Japanese HD-DVD may be doomed, many
    Europeans have embraced the HD-DVD format over Blu-Ray, although blu-
    ray camp will try to dispell that. Here are just a few European
    studios releasing movies for HD-DVD:

    Paramount, Dreamworks,
    Kinowelt (T-2), Toshiba (Band of brothers), Concorde (Silent Hill,
    Underworld, Tomb Raider),
    Constantine Films (releasing sony's Resident Evil Trilogy in Germany),
    universal, Studio Canal (Releasing Disney, MGM, and Fox movies),
    Weinstein Company (Grindhouse), highlight (perfume, story of murder,
    fantastic four, rise of the silver surfer), dfw (dutch film works, Saw
    trilogy), EMS, Filmax (Underworld Evolution), Galileo, TF1 (Le vie en
    rose), Monolith Films (mr and mrs smith), Ascot Elite (Bug), Universum
    Film (crank), Imagion, Pathe (enemy at the gates), SHV, SPI (Hannibal
    Rising), DeA Plaeta (American Haunting), Moviemax (bridge to
    terabithia), Optimum (brotherhood of the wolf), etc.

    As you can see, HD-DVD has a whole lot of studio support in Europe. HD-
    DVD isn't going anywhere any time soon.

    Here are several links to places any one can buy import hd-dvd titles.
    There could literally be thousands more HD-DVDs released in Europe in
    the coming years, including blu-ray exclusive releases in the US. Some
    examples of blu-ray exclusives released or going to be released soon
    on HD-DVD imports: fantastic four, fantastic four rise of the silver
    surfer, silent hill, Resident Evil Trilogy and CGI (RE1 in Japan,
    RE1-3 in Germany, RE degeneration in Germany), Bridge to Terabithia
    (Disney, Spain, Italian), Rambo Trilogy (Australia, UK, France, etc)
    and many others.

    Amazon Japan http://www.amazon.co.jp/
    Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/
    Amazon France http://www.amazon.fr/
    Amazon Germany http://www.amazon.de/
    CD Japan http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/
    Yes Asia http://global.yesasia.com/en/index.aspx
    Play Asia http://www.play-asia.com/
    Xploited Cinema (in USA) http://xploitedcinema.com/catalog/index.php
    HD Addicts (Canada) http://www.hdaddicts.com/catalog/
    DVD Therapy http://www.dvdtherapy.com/shoppingcart/
    DVDGO (Spain) http://www.dvdgo.com/
    EDVD (Poland) http://www.edvd.pl/
    Merlin.pl (Poland) http://www.merlin.com.pl/frontend/browse/home.html
    HD Movie Source (USA) http://www.hdmoviesource.com/catalog/
    EZYDVD (Australia) http://www.ezydvd.com.au/
    Sendit (UK) http://www.sendit.com/
    HMV Japan http://www.hmv.co.jp/
    DVDit (Italy) http://www.dvd.it/page/welc/nlang/en/
    Blah DVD http://www.blahdvd.com/blah/Home.aspx
    DVD Co UK http://www.dvd.co.uk/
    DVD Source http://www.dvdsource.co.uk/
    HMV UK http://www.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/home.do
    Play UK http://www.play.com/
    FNAC (France) http://www.fnac.com/
    DVD Enlard http://www.dvdenlared.com/hd-dvd/
    FNAC (Spain) http://www.fnac.es/dsp/?servlet=home.HomeServlet
    1A DVD (Swiss) http://www.1advd.ch/
    Disc Shop (Swedish) http://www.discshop.se/shop/index.php
    DVD Crave (Australia) http://www.dvdcrave.com/
    Axel Music http://www.axelmusic.com/
    Buy HD Online http://www.buyhdonline.com/
    Ro-Disc http://www.rodisc.nl/
    yoman, Jan 5, 2008
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  3. caliman.john

    Keith Guest

    I Greatly resent being called a Troll!

    I've owned Sony products over the years and have gotten screwed by them
    time after time. I bought their CDP-101 CD player in 1982 (at $1000) it
    crapped out 2 days after the warranty expired. They wanted like $400 to
    repair it! I just pitched it in the trash. :-(

    Keith, Jan 5, 2008
  4. caliman.john

    Bob Bohling Guest


    Just a question: Is HD-DVD & Blu-Ray region coded (as SD DVD is), or can
    player play any HD/BR disc?

    Bob Bohling, Jan 5, 2008
  5. this whole blu ray vs hd dvd 'war' thing seems to me like 2 people fighting
    over a small bit of overgrown land while living next door to someone who
    owns a mansion - that person being dvd.
    neither hd dvd or blu ray can 'win' until such time as they are selling in
    large quantities comparable, or greater than dvd.

    before then it's just a fight to see who can be the new laserdisc.
    the dog from that film you saw, Jan 5, 2008
  6. caliman.john

    T.B. Guest

    Yet you probably have no problem with Microsoft. How childish.

    T.B., Jan 5, 2008
  7. caliman.john

    T.B. Guest

    HD-DVDs are not region encoded and any disc can be played worldwide in any
    HD player. Blu-ray supports region encoding however not all titles are
    region encoded.

    T.B., Jan 5, 2008
  8. caliman.john

    willbill Guest

    up front, i'm in the USA and recently
    bought a 3rd gen Toshiba A35 player

    what on earth is Warner thinking of?

    i mean, how on earth is this Warner
    decision going to reduce BD standalone
    player prices in the USA?

    as far as i can tell, it won't

    Warner has just shot themselves
    in the foot

    i wonder how Europe will take this?

    willbill, Jan 5, 2008
  9. caliman.john

    Phisherman Guest

    All of this Blu-Ray HD-DVD debate will probably be a moot point in the
    long run as more and more data is being transferred via Internet, not
    physical disc.
    Phisherman, Jan 5, 2008
  10. caliman.john

    Keith Guest

    Yer wrong. Microsoft Sucks too! 3/4 of my PC's are running Linux. One
    is running windows only because my wife needs it for her job.

    Keith, Jan 5, 2008
  11. caliman.john

    Tarkus Guest

    Easy. A lot of people have been standing on the sidelines, waiting for
    a winner to emerge. Now that one apparently has, more people will buy
    into it, and thus, competition among manufacturers and studios will
    reduce prices, and production cost/disc will decrease as production

    You know, just like VHS, CD and DVD. The format war wasn't increasing
    competition; it was stifling it, due to the fact a great many people
    weren't willing to buy into a possible losing format on either side.
    Tarkus, Jan 5, 2008
  12. caliman.john

    Tarkus Guest

    A very, very long run. No format is meant to last forever. If they can
    get a 10 year run out of it, I'm sure they'd be thrilled.
    Tarkus, Jan 5, 2008
  13. caliman.john

    Keith Guest

    ChairmanOfTheBored wrote:

    ( Inane rant snipped )

    First of all, who died and made you King?

    Second, you just proved that you're an Ignoramus. If you'd bother to
    look at some of my previous postings, you'll see that I haven't always

    Thirdly, I just re-installed my e-mail program and that setting was
    wrong. I've subsequently changed it.... But not because of YOU, ya moron.
    Keith, Jan 5, 2008
  14. caliman.john

    GMAN Guest

    Jar Jar? Is that you?
    GMAN, Jan 5, 2008
  15. caliman.john

    Tarkus Guest

    To add to this:

    "The move to a single standard would prove a major victory for
    consumers. Many who have come to enjoy the crisp detail of
    high-definition television likely would move ahead with purchases of
    advanced DVD players if they knew their technology would not become
    obsolete. The Warner decision removes some of that uncertainty, and
    appears to eliminate the prospect that Sony will lose out, as it did
    with its ill-fated Betamax standard in the battle against VHS."

    Tarkus, Jan 5, 2008
  16. caliman.john

    willbill Guest

    if the BD standalone player prices don't
    come down, and soon, it won't happen

    if BD were all that existed, i wouldn't
    have bought into HD, no matter the price

    maybe CHDA will be what it takes to
    turn the corner?

    imho, BD has too many problems to
    become the HD standard

    willbill, Jan 5, 2008
  17. caliman.john

    willbill Guest

    Tarkus wrote:

    imho, you need to see the forest
    that exists beyond the trees

    willbill, Jan 5, 2008

  18. You're a goddamned retard. The data rate from an optical disk is far
    higher than the UTTER CRAP that you can get on the net.
    ChairmanOfTheBored, Jan 5, 2008
  19. Most notably, the owner of the "standard".
    ChairmanOfTheBored, Jan 5, 2008
  20. caliman.john

    alan.browne Guest

    Let us help kill HD-DVD.

    The confusion over two formats has not only slowed down the adoption
    of HD, but has also slowed regular DVD sales as the confusion
    persists. Re-stating the obvious: Blu Ray is better for two reasons:

    1. Layer for layer, it holds more data meaning more content over

    2. It has no Microsoft hegemonic. In fact it is because of greedy
    Microsoft that there are two formats. This will help nail the cover
    on the format coffin. Blu Ray consortium tried to come to terms with
    Toshiba/Microsoft back in 2005. The gorillas ran away and persisted
    with HD-DVD. It will cost them and their supporters (Universal,
    Dreamworks, etc). billions for trying to be greedy.

    alan.browne, Jan 5, 2008
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