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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Jeff Gaines, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Jeff Gaines

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    I have a Netgear WN802T which is about to be replaced under warranty for
    the second time. It was purchased in Feb 2007, replaced in Sept 2007 and
    has now packed up again. I suspect I bought it based on a Magazine review
    but can't remember.

    I am using a Devolo homeplug WAP as a substitute but it won't reach the
    parts that the Netgear kit reached.

    So, not sure whether to buy another Devolo WAP (around £87 at Amazon) or
    get a 'proper' WAP (probably cheaper). It will be on 24/7/365 so
    robustness is more important than speed as it is only used for
    browsing/email/news and remote desktop.

    Any recommendations for a WAP that will last a bit longer than the Netgear?
    Jeff Gaines, Nov 15, 2008
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  2. Jeff Gaines

    BigH2K Guest

    Very surprised you've had a problem with Netgear stuff as I've used it many
    many times for networks. I bought eight Prosafe 302 WAPs for the school I'm
    currently at and they haven't missed a beat since switch on July 2007
    24/7/365. They were around £130 when I bought them but now are available
    below the £100 mark. Well worth the price for an industrial solution IMO and
    built quality is virtually indestructible, POE as well so you can stick one
    at the top of the garden too :)
    BigH2K, Nov 15, 2008
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