Wanted: Canon S40/s60/s70/s200/s30/etc partially damaged & stripped?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ethan, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Ethan

    Ethan Guest

    Odd one...

    I'm looking for some used, cheap Canon digital cameras.. My target
    model is
    the S40, S60 or S70 USB based cameras. The Elph series would also
    and I believe the S30/s40/s50ish cameras would suffice also but would
    have to

    Basically I'm looking for the camera and USB cable (if availible). Do
    not need the battery or CF card, manuals, documentation. The camera
    body can be in bad shape as long as the camera takes perfect pictures.
    Cracked LCD might be okay as long as camera functions (and I can set
    settings via windows).

    Basically I've made an embedded system that runs on a linux
    installation on a 8mb compact flash card. It talks to Canon cameras,
    and I plan to set a few up in weatherized housings to take scenic
    shots of our community. One of the mods that will have to be made is
    to take apart he camera and wire electronics to the power button, as
    the Canons "go to sleep" and don't resume power state when DC power is

    I've been tugging on eBay but it is hard determining what people are
    selling, as some of the "slightly damaged" cameras are sure to come
    from large retail dumpsters, where they smash the items with a hammer
    and such.

    So if anyone has anything availible, please email me at ethan followed
    by @ then 757.org.

    Thanks in advance! Once I get things up and running I will drop the
    URL to the images, no charge or anything silly. And *NO*, I don't want
    to use a webcam, the goal is 1600x1200 or better images of good
    Ethan, Oct 19, 2004
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  2. Ethan

    Robert Barr Guest

    Do any of these cameras have a power-off disable setting in the menu?

    I know the D60 does, and I know that the little P&S Fujis (2600, etc.)
    have a power-on sequence that disables power-off (sleep). I've had a G3
    and an A300, but I don't recall whether they did or not.

    Worth looking into.

    Ethan wrote:
    One of the mods that will have to be made is
    Interesting application, though.
    Robert Barr, Oct 19, 2004
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