Want to Use Existing House Wiring ... however a simple test fails

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by cpurvis3, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. cpurvis3

    cpurvis3 Guest

    I've just signed-up with Sunrocket (too early to give an accurate
    opinion, but so far no problems (knock wood!)) and would like to
    eventually use the existing house wiring.

    As a simple test, I first wanted to see and expected the "gizmo" (what
    sunrocket calls the device) would work if I plug two separate phones
    into the single gizmo jack using a dual phone jack adapter. But both
    phones didn't work! If I unplug either one of them from the adapter,
    the connected phone works.

    The reason I'm testing in this way is because I ultimately would like
    to use the existing house wiring (yes I know I would need to make sure
    the house wiring is no longer connected to the land-based provider).
    So I thought a simple test like I described above would work.

    Note: I know the dual jack adapter is working fine, as well both phones
    because I'm still able to test this configuration on my landline phone
    (landline service hasn't been cancelled yet).

    All I'm basically doing is "splitting" the phone line connected to the
    gizmo and attaching two separate phones, and expecting both phones to
    work. What am I missing here in my assumption ??????
    cpurvis3, Jan 9, 2006
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