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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Merlin, Nov 26, 2009.

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    Want to start business with high opportunities and at low cost? Ask me how!

    I can give you lots of ideas how to make business and what to offer to
    attract people to your website.

    One of the best my advantages is affordable price. I can supply you the
    engine software at a quite low cost.

    Secondly, I have engineers to customize it for your requirements.

    And lastly, I have experience to give you some advice at no cost, but
    highly valuable when you are starting.

    Of course I cannot build business instead of you, as you should know
    better the requirements in your location, you should be located in the
    same place of business. So I give you ideas, software, engineers and you
    make the strategy, business plan, investment, buy server/s, arrange the
    office etc.

    Here're solutions I have and which can help you build business:

    1. VoIP:
    Retail business like www.vonage.com:
    - Calling cards
    - Pc-to-phone
    - Callback
    - Voicemail,
    - PBX/IP centrex,
    - Conference call,
    - DID management
    - And others
    Budget to start : $5000-$10000 (not including hardware cost, office,
    marketing and promotion expenses)

    Wholesale business like www.voipgate.com or www.etermination.com/
    - Softswitch with H323 and SIP support, scalable to route from 500 to 2000
    concurrent calls
    - Billing
    Budget to start: $2500-9000 (not including hardware cost)

    2. Social Networking website
    I have now a new software for social networking service:

    This is leading and most progressive product, you may create a better
    social website than www.facebook.com or www.linkedin.com. Your users can
    create social groups, blogs, forums, projects, bookmarks, polls; keep
    data, share video, photos, documents; send each other messages (there's a
    private mailbox for each user), create tasks, mailing lists, e-mail
    notification etc. Users can categorize content in their own terms by Tags.
    There's a Search button available for dynamic search across places, people
    and content

    You may check features here:

    I can help you to customize it for YOUR definite requirements and demands,
    keeping only the features you need. Let me know if you have any questions,
    I'll be glad to answer you.

    Budget $5000-10000

    Feel free to contact me directly in MSN, Yahoo or Skype to discuss details.

    e-mail: merlin.mayer(at)gmail.com
    Yahoo: merlin_mayer
    Skype: VoIP_consultant

    Best regards,

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    Merlin, Nov 26, 2009
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