WAN card for 1601 router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by esara, May 31, 2004.

  1. esara

    esara Guest

    I have cisco 1601 router. this router has 10Base T RJ45 connection. I
    understand that this connection is to connect the router with for
    example a switch which in its turn will connect 4 computers for
    example. Now Where should I connect the internet connection.. the one
    that comes from the ISP (for example, the cable modem)?? In the back
    of the router there is a place where I can insert a WAN card?? I do
    not have the card but I think the card is to be connected to the
    internet?? Where I can get that card and how much does it cost?
    esara, May 31, 2004
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  2. You don't.

    This router has a WAN interface card slot, as well as a T1 high-speed
    synchronous serial port to hook up to a CSU/DSU. It wasn't (back in
    the days when it was made) designed to ever be hooked up between a
    cable modem and an ethernet network, so there's no provision to do so.

    The various WIC cards available for it are things like 56k DDS lines,
    T1, ISDN, etc. Not ethernet like you'd get out of a cable modem.

    While Cisco does have a WIC-1ENET card, it won't ever function in this
    EOL'ed router, it only works in the 17xx line.

    One thing you could do is if you had another T1 router, and a couple
    of CSU/DSU's (or a DTE->DCE Cisco Serial DB60 cable) you could hook
    them up back to one another and have a simulated, probably up to 2Mbps
    WAN connection between the two.

    I'd probably just try to find a router designed for the job used on
    eBay, like a cisco 831. Yep, probably costs alot more than what you
    paid for the 1601, but it'll actually do what you want, rather than
    trying to hack together bits and pieces just to make this one do something.
    Doug McIntyre, May 31, 2004
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