Walt Disney Treasures Releases for 2003

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Andrew Krieg, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Andrew Krieg

    Andrew Krieg Guest

    I really hope all 4 of these make it out this year (last year only 3 were
    released). Amazon.com has cover photos of all but the Mickey set, so keep
    your fingers crossed. They are scheduled to be released on December 2nd.

    Chronological Donald - It was 1934 when the irascible Donald Duck came to
    life in a teeny bit of a part in "The Wise Little Hen" and proceeded to
    steal the show. From that point on nobody could hold him back. Now for the
    first time, you can enjoy Donald in all of his solo starring shorts from
    "Donald and Pluto" in 1936 to "Chef Donald" in 1941. This volume also
    includes a tribute to the man who achieved immortality by inventing the
    voice of Donald Duck - and performing as his alter ego for 50 years -
    Clarence "Ducky" Nash. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian
    Leonard Maltin.

    I have not seen a complete list of what is being included in this set. Here
    are the Donald shorts that were released between 1936 and 1941. Some of
    Donald's earliest shorts (like "Donald and Pluto") were actually packaged as
    Mickey Mouse releases.

    Donald and Pluto (MM short)
    Don Donald (MM short)
    Donald's Ostrich
    Modern Inventions
    Donald's Better Self
    Polar Trappers
    Donald's Golf Game
    Donald's Nephews
    Self Control
    Good Scouts
    Sea Scouts
    Beach Picnic
    The Autograph Hound
    Donald's Cousin Gus
    Officer Duck
    Donald's Penguin
    Hockey Champ
    Donald's Lucky Day
    Donald's Vacation
    Donald's Dog Laundry
    Window Cleaners
    Fire Chief
    The Riveter
    Mr. Duck Steps Out
    Put-Put Troubles
    Truant Officer Donald
    Donald's Camera
    Golden Eggs
    Old MacDonald Duck
    Chef Donald
    Early to Bed
    A Good Time for a Dime

    Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2 - Walt Disney's mighty Mickey Mouse
    gets colorful in this second collection boasting 21 of his classic cartoons.
    The selections include "Society Dog Show" (1939), "Tugboat Mickey" (1940),
    "The Little Whirlwind" (1941), "Mickey's Birthday Party" (1942), "Mickey's
    Christmas Carol" (1983), and "Runaway Brain" (1995).

    On the Front Lines - On December 8, 1941, the Disney Studio was taken over
    by the military as part of the war effort. Walt Disney spent the next four
    years creating and producing training, propaganda and educational films for
    the Armed Forces. In addition to these films, this extraordinary volume
    also includes the full-length feature "Victory Through Air Power." Released
    theatrically in 1943, this powerful propaganda film has never been reissued
    until now. You'll also see recently discovered on-the-set footage, and get
    rare firsthand accounts about the work and culture at the Disney Studio in
    interviews with Disney Legends Joe Grant, John Hench, and Roy Disney.
    Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin.

    I have not seen what is planned for this set. I hope we get some of the
    commercial and government shorts starring the Disney characters such as "The
    Thrifty Pig", "The New Spirit", "Donald's Decision", "The Seven Wise Dwarfs"
    and "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Firing Line". Disney also produced
    around 90 technical shorts for various branches of the armed services.
    Perhaps we will see a sampling of some of these, with titles such as "Tuning
    Transmitters", "Battle of Russia", "Aircraft Welding" and "Aircraft Carrier
    Landing Signals".

    Tommorowland - Walt Disney was a true visionary, and his most far-reaching
    vision examined the future. Go back in time to the beginning of the future
    and enjoy four episodes and a theatrical short that delve into the mysteries
    of the universe and space travel - "Man in Space", "Man and the Moon", "Mars
    and Beyond", "Eyes in Outer Space", and "Our Friend the Atom." You'll also
    get a rare look at Walt's last film, "Epcot", in which he reveals his
    concepts and plans for the Disney World and EPCOT projects. Other
    not-to-be-missed features include a special interview with noted futurist
    and author Ray Bradbury. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian
    Leonard Maltin.

    It's too bad Ward Kimball didn't live to see this set, most of which he
    directed. Hopefully, there will be archive interviews with him about these
    outstanding programs.
    Andrew Krieg, Sep 4, 2003
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  2. Andrew Krieg

    Scot Gardner Guest

    Thanks for the post. The two titles which are of most interest to me are
    _One The Front Lines_ and _Tomorrowland_.

    I hope Costco continues to carry the Disney boxed sets. If not, the
    Amazon prices seem reasonable and Amazon has never disappointed me.
    Scot Gardner, Sep 4, 2003
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  3. I've heard that the jaw-dropping Education For Death: The Making of a Nazi
    will be included (this short has to be seen to be believed..."The rabbit
    must die! He is weak!") and presumably the Oscar-winning Der Furher's Face
    will finally see the light of day. Certainly there is a wealth of material
    in the vaults for this set, and it should be a beauty if they do it up
    right. Spirit of '42, which has Donald being asked to pay his taxes on
    time for the war effort is also worth having in first generation form
    (after years of lousy bootlegs). Buy a stamp or bond and sink that skunk
    across the pond!

    Stephen Cooke, Sep 4, 2003
  4. Andrew Krieg

    G. M. Watson Guest

    What, no "Captain Eo"?!? For shame!
    G. M. Watson, Sep 5, 2003
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