walkthrough on site-to-site VPN in PIX PDM?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by cisco, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. cisco

    cisco Guest

    Hi All: Still not clear on the appropriate config when setting a up a
    site-2-site VPN using the PIX PDM 3 wizard.

    desired VPN is:

    192.168.1/24 -> PIX 1 -> internet <- PIX 2 <- 192.168.0/24

    Running the VPN Wizard on PIX 1, I do the following:

    1 select outside IF
    2 enter Peer address
    3 enter a pre-shared key
    4 leave default IKE Policy (3des, md5, group2)
    5 leave default Transform Set (3des, md5)
    6 select inside IF / 192.168.1/24 for local site
    7 select inside IF / 192.168.0/24 for remote site*

    at this point, I receive the message:

    "PDM cannot find on the interface inside. Would
    you like to addd this host or network now?"

    If I say "OK" I'm prompted to add the host/network and assign it to an
    interface and give it a name.

    I'm not clear which interface to add it to though? Inside or outside?

    Am I doing the wrong thing at step 7? It's not clear to me where the remote
    subnet is supposed to placed.
    cisco, Feb 20, 2007
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