WAAAY OT! Like piano?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by XS11E, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. XS11E

    XS11E Guest

    Just got this from a friend:

    Recorded in 1987 at historic Storyville Night Club in New Orleans

    Here's something you don't see every day. Ray Charles, Jerry Lee
    Lewis and Fats Domino - three of the greatest of their day - playing
    pianos on the same stage at the same time. Brace yourself and make
    sure your sound is on because this show will rock you out of your

    This is a once in a lifetime appearance and one you will not

    Ron Woods of the Rolling Stones, Carl Perkins (Blue Suede Shoes) and
    others playing back-up, a cameo appearance by Rod Stewart and all
    directed by Paul Schaeffer, Letterman's band leader!
    XS11E, Sep 6, 2009
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  2. XS11E

    joevan Guest

    joevan, Sep 6, 2009
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  3. XS11E

    OldGringo38 Guest

    , In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And Earth, Then I Added My
    Two Cents To The XS11E Post:
    O M G Thank You for the link. Spectacular!!! Ella's there also. <g>
    OldGringo38, Sep 6, 2009
  4. XS11E

    chuckcar Guest

    Was that the tribute to Ronny Hawkins? That's him in the background as
    Shaeffer walks away. It was on TV up here a short time ago
    chuckcar, Sep 7, 2009
  5. XS11E

    Clot Guest

    That was fun. Thank you. Takes me back to when I visited NOLA in '92, I
    think. Cracking good time visiting the bars on Bourbon Street before they
    became what they are today.

    Best recollection was visiting an out of town location - a converted pair of
    shops to listen to Zydeco. There were folk there from way out of the State
    to listen to the music. Sheer fun.

    Was worried on the way out from an Italian Restaurant though. Armed doormen
    that would not let us out until the cab arrived!

    Overall, a wonderful experience that I cherish.
    Clot, Sep 8, 2009
  6. XS11E

    XS11E Guest

    You're welcome!
    My first visit there was around that same time, we spent one evening
    listening to Pete Fountain, that was an unforgettable experience! We
    had only one evening there (other than the evening of our arrival) and
    I had to chose between hearing Fountain or Al Hirt, both were appearing
    that evening at different places. It was not an easy choice but I
    don't regret my decision.
    We were travelling by motorcycle* and stayed at the NO KOA which is
    actually in River Ridge. I'd never been to a KOA with armed guards
    before! Since we arrived late, he was the one who checked us in, he
    talked EXACTLY like Justin Wilson! (Ah guar-on-tee!)


    *It wasn't our longest one day ride, it just seemed like it, we rode
    from a rally at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to NO, about 600 miles in
    pouring rain on an Interstate jammed with 18 wheelers throwing up muddy
    spray that made the windshield and face shields of our helmets almost
    opaque! I've never been so completely worn out from a ride before, I
    still look back at it as one of our more unpleasant rides. Because of
    the road conditions we arrived in NO Friday at rush hour! What a
    XS11E, Sep 8, 2009
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