VPN .... how do you connect?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Tx2, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Tx2

    Tx2 Guest

    OK, this is going to sound daft, but i have set up a VPN using the local IP
    address of the PC i want to connect to - in this case
    I am currently also on that LAN, at IP address

    I set up the connections at both ends, and bingo ... i 'dial' out and it
    connects, so i must be doing something right.

    However, if i try and 'dial' out to the fixed IP address my ISP provides
    (i'm not actually dialling of course) then it looks as if it is connecting,
    but eventually times out with an "error 800"

    Am i right to assume this error is due to the fact that i'm trying to VPN to
    a machine on the same LAN, and because I am not external to that LAN?
    If I connect when 'remote', then the connection will go through?
    Tx2, Jun 24, 2005
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  2. Tx2

    Tx2 Guest

    Anyone prepared to set up a VPN at their end, email me the details, and let
    me 'play'?
    I'd appreciate knowing i'm either almost there, or still getting it horribly
    Tx2, Jun 24, 2005
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  3. Tx2

    Tx2 Guest

    In Tx2 <> informed everyone :

    .... worng!

    even my spelling has gone to rat sh#t!
    Tx2, Jun 24, 2005
  4. Tx2

    Killa Guest

    VPN is a generic term and I can't find anywhere in this thread where
    you've said what VPN technology you are talking about. I'll let you
    connect to my OpenVPN server if you want - just e-mail me your IP
    address and whether you want to connect via TCP or UDP, and on what
    port, and I'll e-mail you a certificate which will permit access to
    a couple of unimportant machines on my network. You'll need OpenVPN,
    but it is supposed to work on Windows with a TAP virtual ethernet
    driver - but I've never had any reason to try it.

    PS. If you want a static IP address on my local network you'll have
    to let me know whatever MAC address you choose for your TAP device
    and you'd also better let me know whether you want me to push
    routing info to you, or whether you'll do it all at your end.
    Killa, Jun 24, 2005
  5. Tx2

    Tx2 Guest

    The sort of VPN i had in mind was one where i connected to a static IP (i.e.
    my home PC) from a remote location using whatever protocol Windows XP puts
    in place.
    Cetificates, TCP, UDP et al mean very little to me in this respect.

    Scenario : I'm working on my laptop 'somewhere' remotely, albeit a client
    office, in an airport departure lounge with a WAP, or a Starbucks coffee
    bar, and I want to connect to my home PC; i want a VPN that allows me access
    to my files ... VNC isn't suited as I don't want to take control of a
    machine, just access files/folders as I would on any shared resource on a
    LAN. Of course, I also want it secure.

    I think the fact that i've referred to XP, that i've indicated i know so
    very little about this technology, and that I am looking for help and to
    experiment would have indicated the level of expertise I'm at is not the
    level you make offer of in your gesture ...

    OpenVPN, TAP device, push routing info, certificates? ..... I get the
    disitinct feling these are all somewhat more than i presently need...?

    Thanks, nonetheless, of course.
    Tx2, Jun 24, 2005
  6. Tx2

    poster Guest

    Another option, if one has a suitable account, is to copy wanted files into
    some online storage facility... I've used webspace sometimes, but there are
    options such as storage space available with (mostly) mail services such as
    fastmail.fm (1 MB provided, $3.95 per extra 10 MB) yahoo.co.uk (30 MB free)
    runbox.com (100 MB provided, can buy extra to 250 MB).

    Peter M.

    runbox.com - 1000 MB of mail storage, 30 day free trial...
    Can accept mail for your domain and apply filtering rules.
    Point your MX record to mx.runbox.com then use POP/IMAP...
    Check it out via <http://web.vfm-deals.com/runbox/>
    poster, Jun 24, 2005
  7. Tx2

    Dean Jarratt Guest

    I'm not sure I got that...but here's what to do.

    Set up a VPN server on the XP Pro machine at your home.

    Start>Settings>Network Connections>Create a New Connection
    [Wizard]Next>Set up an advanced connection>Next>Accept incoming
    connections>Next>Next>Allow virtual private connections>Next>Select users
    allowed to connect>Next>Properties>If you have DHCP set up on your router
    then XP will hand out IP addressed to your remote connections
    automatically, if not you can specify IP addresses here>OK>Next>Finish

    Configure your home router to forward VPN traffic to your home PC. Log
    into your router>Firewall Rules>Add Inbound Service>Service Dropdown>VPN-
    PPTP>Allow Always>Send to LAN server (Your home PC IP address)>Apply.

    Set up your laptop to connect to the server.

    Start>Settings>Network Connections>Create a New Connection
    [Wizard]Next>Connect to the network at my workplace>Next>Virtual Private
    Network Connection>Next>Give it a name>Next>Enter the External Static IP
    address of your home router>Next>Next>Finish.

    Logon onto the VPN using the username and password you used earlier.

    In the end this will give you.

    A VPN server at home with it's LAN IP address (say
    A VPN client with 2 ip addresses (say and once connected,
    another IP address which either was given by DHCP or assigned by the VPN
    server (which you set up earlier). The will enable the laptop to see your
    home network.
    Dean Jarratt, Jun 27, 2005
  8. Tx2

    Tx2 Guest

    I was attempting to VPN to the desktop PC from the laptop from within the
    LAN both systems are currently connected to, as opposed to VPN from one
    LAN/internet conection into my own LAN.

    I'm slowly understanding things in the right direction, so hopefully, i'll
    get the opportunity soon to 'play' from an external LAN/connection.
    Tx2, Jun 27, 2005
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