VPN Concentrator 3005 - Cannot connect via Window XP built in VPN

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Scott, May 15, 2006.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    I just installed the VPN Concentrator 3005 and I am trying to run some
    tests. I can install the Cisco client and have it authenticate fine.
    I am unable to use the built-in Windows VPN connector.

    I keep getting the following error:
    Either your user account is not registered with the domain listed, your
    password is expired, or you mistyped the information. If you do not
    specify a domain, the remote access server attempts to verify your user
    name and password on the domain of which it is a member.
    Carefully retype your user name, password, and domain. If you are
    unsure of this information, contact your system administrator.

    In the Windows connection I use all of the defaults and enter the
    following data:

    Username: scott
    Password: password
    Domain: mydomain

    On the concentrator I use the NT domain server type, authentication
    server address, and domain controller name capitalized. I can go to
    test on this screen and use the SAME credentials and get the
    Authentication Successful message.

    Here are the internal Concentrator's logs:

    402 05/15/2006 15:02:36.190 SEV=4 PPTP/34 RPT=27 x.x.x.234
    Tunnel to peer x.x.x.234 closed, reason: None (No additional info)

    400 05/15/2006 15:02:36.060 SEV=4 PPTP/35 RPT=27 x.x.x.234
    Session closed on tunnel x.x.x.234 (peer 32768, local 23041, serial
    30810), r
    eason: User request (No additional info)

    399 05/15/2006 15:02:35.880 SEV=5 PPP/8 RPT=15 x.x.x.234
    User [MYDOMAIN\scott]
    Authenticated successfully with MSCHAP-V1

    398 05/15/2006 15:02:32.600 SEV=4 PPTP/42 RPT=27 x.x.x.234
    Session started on tunnel x.x.x.234

    397 05/15/2006 15:02:32.570 SEV=4 PPTP/47 RPT=27 x.x.x.234
    Tunnel to peer x.x.x.234 established
    Scott, May 15, 2006
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  2. Scott

    jbrunner007 Guest

    for built-in vpn access you will need to use L2TP or PPTP from windows
    xp... configure the vpn 3005 group for this, and make sure those
    protocols are active and permitted in vpn 3005 interface filters...

    If you want to try to get native ipsec from windows built-in to vpn
    3005 working, make sure ipsec service is started on the windows box
    (install of the cisco vpn client stops it)
    then figure out what transform set, etc. the windows box and the vpn
    3005 can share...

    have fun
    jbrunner007, May 16, 2006
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