vpn Client connects fine, but no access

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by atidafe, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Im trying to setup my pix515e for a vpn client. I tried to use the pdm an now im trully confused as to why its not working. the client connects but the client cannot access the pc in the office.

    Local ip 192.168.251.x
    remote pool 192.168.200.x

    I would like the client to have access to the entire 192.168.251.x

    Here is the config: (atleast the main parts)

    access-list nonat permit ip any
    access-list outside_cryptomap_dyn_20 permit ip any
    ip local pool mmds2
    nat (inside) 0 access-list nonat
    crypto dynamic-map outside_dyn_map 20 match address outside_cryptomap_dyn_20
    crypto dynamic-map outside_dyn_map 20 set transform-set ESP-3DES-MD5
    crypto map outside_map 65535 ipsec-isakmp dynamic outside_dyn_map
    crypto map outside_map interface outside
    isakmp enable outside
    isakmp identity address
    isakmp policy 10 authentication pre-share
    isakmp policy 10 encryption des
    isakmp policy 10 hash md5
    isakmp policy 10 group 2
    isakmp policy 10 lifetime 86400
    isakmp policy 20 authentication pre-share
    isakmp policy 20 encryption aes-256
    isakmp policy 20 hash sha
    isakmp policy 20 group 5
    isakmp policy 20 lifetime 3600
    isakmp policy 40 authentication pre-share
    isakmp policy 40 encryption 3des
    isakmp policy 40 hash md5
    isakmp policy 40 group 2
    isakmp policy 40 lifetime 86400
    vpngroup mmdsnrv address-pool mmds2
    vpngroup mmdsnrv idle-time 1800
    vpngroup mmdsnrv password ********

    atidafe, Apr 14, 2010
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