VPN-1 SecuRemote client and 1720

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by z400d3, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. z400d3

    z400d3 Guest

    I am trying to get this client to work through my 1720 router at home.

    I have the client set up and it works fine via a dial up or with my
    usb modem.

    Whenever I try to connect via my 1720 the VPN client fails to connect.

    I have no access lists on my router although it is performing nat on
    the LAN side.

    A look at what is going on with ethereal shows the following ..

    "ARP who has" and shows no sign of the VPN client looking
    for my gateway (

    My client address is
    My router ethernet is

    I have no on my network

    Any help appreciated !
    Drop the ZZZ to reply

    Cheers ...
    z400d3, Feb 28, 2005
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