Vosonic's Portable Drives

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Shaun Lowe, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Shaun Lowe

    Shaun Lowe Guest

    Looking for any opinions/experiences with any of Vosonic's
    portable drives. Battery life, general feel of product, speed,


    Shaun Lowe
    Shaun Lowe, Jan 5, 2004
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  2. Shaun Lowe

    Aardvark Guest

    Used a Vosonic XSDrive for a month long trip to Europe. Worked
    perfectly without a hitch. I leave it in the hotel room, and
    each night, I dump my 2 CF cards to it's 20GB harddisk. Didn't
    mess up a single pic.

    Battery life : I keep it plugged in when using, so battery's not
    an issue. It's rated for around 2 hours of use, which will
    transfer a few gigs of data on a single charge. Copying speed
    from CF is kinda slow ( specs says about 1MB/sec), but since I
    do this in the hotel, it isn't an issue.

    Build quality is OK. Creaks slightly when pressed. Fairly
    sturdy, but don't try banging nails with it. The newer version,
    XSDrive II, comes with USB2.0 interface, and supports all the
    cards in the market except xD. So harddisk-to-PC speed and card
    compatibility are good.

    There is a small design flaw, in that the on/off switch is
    flushed with the body instead of being recessed. This means that
    you could conceivably turn it on by accident, and arrive at your
    destination with a flat battery. Even this is unlikely since it
    powers down after 30 seconds of inactivity, unless the button is
    kept pressed down. A simple workaround is to stick a rubber
    washer around the button, or always carry it in its provided
    case which makes it difficult to activate accidentally.

    Conclusion : a good and cheap alternative to a laptop or buying
    more CF cards. Lacks file verification and harddisk free space
    info ( which I felt would be useful ), but at this price, it's
    hard to find a better value.

    Bottom line : would I use it again ? Sure, unless I find a even
    lighter or more compact storage alternative. I'm a sucker for
    light & compact items.
    Aardvark, Jan 5, 2004
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  3. Battery life is rated at 2 hours, which is less than some of the other drives,
    and since it is an internal battery you can't easily take a second battery for
    extended periods of time off of the power grid. I replaced an original model
    Image Bank with a x-drive II, and the transfer speed from the flash media to
    the disk is about 1/2 the speed on the x-drive II compared to the IB. It does
    have three features that are important to me, an error indication to indicate
    the files couldn't be transfered (IB just shuts down), the ability to put in
    larger drives as needed, and it works under Linux. I don't have a USB 2
    controller on my PC, so I can't say how fast the upload is.
    Michael Meissner, Jan 5, 2004
  4. Shaun Lowe

    Chip Gallo Guest

    I got a barebones Xs Drive II and configured it with a Hitachi/IBM
    Travenstar 20GB drive. Using it with CF cards and Sony MS Pro, it has worked
    as advertised. The transfer rate from memory stick to Xs Drive could be
    faster. I have USB 2 on the computer so that part seems fast(er). Longer
    battery life or swappable battery pack would be a great addition.

    It took me a few file transfers to trust it but now I do. I did over 22
    hours of audio file transfers and it worked flawlessly.

    Chip Gallo
    Chip Gallo, Jan 5, 2004
  5. Shaun Lowe

    Jimmy Guest

    I agree with your assessment of the Vosonic I-VP2030 and have had similar experiences. I might add
    there were some problems with SM file corruption early on that was resolved by firmware update. The
    problem I have isn't with the unit, but with updating the firmware. The user has to use Win98 or
    W2K to upgrade the firmware. This causes problems for those of us using other operating systems.
    Also, the flash program isn't very intuitive. www.vosonic.com.tw

    I understand the design flaw you mentioned has been corrected in the newer Vosonic II-VP2060 model.
    Jimmy, Jan 5, 2004
  6. Shaun Lowe

    Shaun Lowe Guest

    Thanks for sharing your opinions & experiences.
    I've opted for a 20GB Vosonic X'S-Drive Pro (VP300)
    I wasn't expecting the build quality to be exceptional, just
    reliable. The price was right & I get a BIG mp3 player to

    I ordered through mydigitaldiscount.com on Jan. 2 & will
    have it tomorrow. They were great to deal with.


    Shaun Lowe
    Shaun Lowe, Jan 5, 2004
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