Vonage/POTS and Venture 3-line Phone

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Myron Johnson, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. I'm hoping to use two Vonage VOIP lines and a single POTS line. Our
    phone system includes threel Nortel Venture 3-line phones. The Vonage
    comes from a single Linksys PAP2 adapter.

    I understand the danger of connecting an incoming POTS line to the
    Linksys PAP2 adapter. I know how to disconnect the POTS line from the
    Vonage lines in our home. I've also read of people successfully
    connecting both a POTS and a Vonage line to a two-line phone.

    But I'm really concerned about the Venture phone. The Venture system
    sends communications between the various Venture phones (such as
    dialing directories) and is also capable of serving as an intercom and
    of forwarding calls to other Venture phones. This means that the
    Venture sends ring tones to the other phones. It seems to me that if a
    Venture phone sent a ring tone to a line that has a Linksys PAP2
    adapter on it, that could be trouble.

    On the other hand, I have a partner who already has her Vonage plugged
    into an identical Venture phone system, without incident. But maybe
    she's never forwarded a phone call?

    Anybody have any experience mixing Vonage and POTS lines on a Nortel
    Venture 3-line phone system, or have any knowlege of whether this is a
    safe thing to do?

    Myron Johnson
    Myron Johnson, Mar 13, 2006
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  2. Myron Johnson

    Carl Navarro Guest

    Each line is independent. The ringing on the intercom is either on a
    separate pair or superimposed over one of the lines.

    Carl Navarro
    Carl Navarro, Mar 13, 2006
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  3. Myron Johnson

    RevoOR Guest

    This is a OLD message but I just want to say yes you can use a POTS from your
    phone company on your Venture system with Vonage as other lines. Here is how
    I had/Have my setup.

    Seeing the phone system don't like Vonage on line 1 the POTS goes to line 1,
    then you can use 2 and 3 for
    Vonage lines. What I did is set up my lines to work like this, POTS if busy
    forward to Vonage line 1 on
    the adapter but is really line 2 of your Venture set, Then I paid for another
    line from vonage that was for
    Fax but used as line 3. This I set up my first line of Vonage to Forward to
    the Fax line if it was busy.
    Then say my TAD answered lines 1 and 2 or the Venture set line 3 was set to
    forward to Vonage VM
    if it was busy. This was fall back in case all lines were going at 1 time
    they would just be set to VM.
    I had this setup and working for 7 years from 2001 to 2008 when I moved from
    WA I shut it all down.
    Well now I use my Venture again and seeing the Vonage and Venture still don't
    want to Ring line 1 right
    I have set up my system again just last week almost the same but don't have L3
    online right now but I
    have Vonage line 1 on the Adapter set to line 2 of the Venture and a POTS set
    as line 1. I use all the
    Venture system. MOH with a CD/MP3 Player that Loops music, a PA amp with
    speaker for outside
    my Office door for paging and a Electronic Door opener for my Office all on
    the Enhanced Feature Adapter.
    Everything is installed again without any issues. Use paging phone to phone,
    and room Mon at times.
    Hard to find another KSU-Less system with all the features this has. I love
    it. Sad that Nortel is now Defunct.

    RevoOR, Aug 1, 2013
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