Vonage no dial tone

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by chuchubi, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. chuchubi

    chuchubi Guest


    I am trying to connect my vonage adaptor ( linksys)
    I can connect to the internet but I dont get a dialtone. THe lights on
    the adaptor are as follows: Power solid green, Ethernet port 1 blinks
    when there is internet activity, phone 1& 2 come on about every 30
    seconds and blink once( both of them at the same time), internet light
    blinks rapidly on and off.
    I have left many emails at vonage but till now no response. I am
    connecting thru a motorola surfboard modem.

    Please respond to

    I appreicate the help

    chuchubi, Feb 21, 2005
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  2. chuchubi

    BradReeseCom Guest

    Hi Victor,

    You may want to investigate the Vonage Knowledge Base:


    When you need to speak to a LIVE person at Vonage always call between
    1:00AM and 6:00AM EST.


    You will get a LIVE person immediately between those times.


    Brad Reese
    BradReese.Com Cisco Repair Worldwide
    United Kingdom: 44-20-70784294
    U.S. Toll Free: 877-549-2680
    International: 828-277-7272
    Fax: 775-254-3558
    Website: http://www.bradreese.com/cisco-big-iron-repair.htm
    BradReeseCom, Feb 21, 2005
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  3. chuchubi

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Do you have a router? Do you have 1 and only 1 phone currently
    connected to the Adaptor?
    Rick Merrill, Feb 21, 2005
  4. Is the modem connected to your computer via a USB cable or ethernet ? Are
    you using a Linksys RT31P2 router / phone adapter ? Does the modem connect
    to the phone adapter wan port and then your computer ? Which Cable Company
    are you connected to ?
    Stanley Reynolds, Feb 23, 2005
  5. chuchubi

    Jim Holcomb Guest

    Jim Holcomb, Feb 23, 2005
  6. chuchubi

    theleeper Guest

    Most likely they (Vonage) do not have your router in their database.
    You will need to call them and have them add it in. I had the same
    problem when my original router went up in smoke. I went to circuit
    city, bought a new one and hooked it up and 'no dialtone'. I called
    them, they changed their database to point my number from my old router
    to the new and BOOM, dialtone in about 5 minutes (after a reset).....

    Should not be a big deal.... My Vonage service has been great so far
    after about 8 months..
    theleeper, Feb 23, 2005
  7. After I added a linksys wrt54g router and made the changes in the
    vonage owners manual and the quality of service changes on the Linksys
    website service has been great.
    konrad.haskins, Feb 28, 2005
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