Vonage - hum and buzz coming from Motorola Voice Terminal

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Mail Ias, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Mail Ias

    Mail Ias Guest

    I'm getting a lot of buzz and hum from my Vonage line. Before you start
    thinking about VoIP, bandwith, routers, etc. etc. let me stop you. The noise
    is there before any of that stuff comes into play.

    The noise is present before I dial. If I pick up the phone and dial one digit,
    it's there. If I make a call, it's there. If I unplug the ethernet cable and
    just pick up a dead line, it's there. I can move the voice terminal adapter to
    another room. Plug the adapter into the AC power and the phone into the
    adapter, the noise is there. Of course I get no dialtone as I'm not hooked up
    to the network.

    I can take the same phone and cord and hook it up to:
    - my regular phone line, clear as a bell
    - ISDN adapter at work with POTS port, no noise.
    - ISDN adapter that I used years ago (Motorola Bitsurfr Pro) and it was fine
    back then, used it as my main line for years, never any problem.

    I discussed this with Vonage tech support and they sent me a new adapter. It's
    exactly the same.

    I brought all the stuff to work with me, thinking it was an AC line noise or
    something. Same problem.

    The noise is less noticeable with other phones, but it's still worse than what
    it should be. I would expect the line to be completely silent. You're only
    talking about a local loop of 3 feet! The phone company stretches copper wire
    for miles and can provide a clean signal.

    I'm using an AT&T Two Line 742 telephone just like this one on ebay. (I've
    tried fresh batteries too, in case you're wondering, no difference). My Voice
    Terminal is the Motorola VT1005V.

    Any ideas before I call Vonage again?
    Mail Ias, Jan 23, 2004
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  2. Mail Ias

    Hank Karl Guest

    Have you eliminated a grounding problem?

    Is your phone AC powered? If so, get a simple POTS phone (one that is
    powered off the phone line).

    Try a different phone anyway. It may be that your phone is bad, or
    incompatible with the adapter.
    Hank Karl, Jan 24, 2004
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  3. Mail Ias

    Mail Ias Guest

    Have you eliminated a grounding problem?No. Have tried it at home and at work. Same problem both places. How would
    I go about eliminating a grounding problem? I do know that my outlets are
    properly grounded.

    Phone is not AC powered. Regular POTS phone. Talked to Vonage support, a guy
    who spoke real American english. Said that some phones are not compatible and
    suggested I try a different phone.

    I will do that, but... I have already tried three different phones now. It's
    not as bad on some of the others, but not very good sound still.
    Mail Ias, Jan 24, 2004
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