VoIPtalk's Summer Special - What's the catch?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Mike Poloni, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Mike Poloni

    Mike Poloni Guest

    If you look on voiptalk's web site they have something called a speedtouch
    1-port voip adaptor for around £15. The only catch I see is that you have to
    buy £10 of call credit as well. Even if i didn't use their service then the
    voip adaptor would still be cheap at £25.

    I had a quick scour round the newsgroups and forums and have only found good
    stuff about the voiptalk service. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is there a
    catch? As far as i can see the item isn't locked down either.

    Mike Poloni, Aug 18, 2005
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  2. Mike Poloni

    Dexter Guest

    It is a good deal but are speedtouch products any good I haven't seen
    any remarks about them good or bad .
    Dexter, Aug 18, 2005
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  3. I think some of the speedtouch stuff has firewall issues i know a
    couple of people that have had grief with them and as for the price
    they are charging for them they must be locked to them or somthing or
    may be they got a batch that fell off the back of a lorry who knows :)

    Mathew Curtis, Aug 18, 2005
  4. Ummm

    The SpeedTouch 190 is not locked down to the VoIPtalk service and can
    be used with any SIP-compatible service provider.

    Mathew Curtis, Aug 18, 2005
  5. Mike Poloni

    adamc Guest

    I'm a newbie when it comes to VOIP and have used Skype a fair bit.
    However, I'm looking to use Voip in the future and am interested in an
    ATA. Does this thing work with most Modem/Routers? I already have a
    router and am interested in adding a phone to a voip provider, but want
    to be assured that this thing is pretty standard.

    adamc, Aug 18, 2005
  6. Mike Poloni

    Sean Guest

    It looks rather cheap and nasty to me..... But i don't wish to get into
    any arguments.

    I like the linksys PAP2 myself
    Sean, Aug 18, 2005
  7. Mike Poloni

    Dexter Guest

    Seeing that you have said it Sean I will admit I have a couple of
    Speedtouch 330 adsl modems here that have never been used because I
    also thought they looked cheap and nasty got them given to me very
    pleased I did not buy them:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).
    Dexter, Aug 18, 2005
  8. Mike Poloni

    Me Guest

    I have the always used Speedtouch routers and recommended them to

    Touch wood, none of them have ever locked up. Basically, I have never
    had a problem with any of them - they have just worked.

    My current one is the 716g which is an ADSL router modem with built in
    wireless and a built in ATA with 2 ports.

    Me, Aug 18, 2005
  9. Mike Poloni

    adamc Guest

    Does this particular speedtouch work independently of any PC, and
    connect independently, as long as a modem/router are on?

    adamc, Aug 19, 2005
  10. Mike Poloni

    Sean Guest

    If you are talking to me, the linksys is nothing to do with speedtouch
    Sean, Aug 19, 2005
  11. Mike Poloni

    bence_fab Guest

    Does this particular speedtouch work independently of any PC, and
    I think most VoIP adaptors work like that, you connect them to the
    router and only use the PC to configure them.
    bence_fab, Aug 19, 2005
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