Voipdiscount Outgoing Calls with Sipgate Incoming Calls on a Linksys PAP2

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Giganews, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Giganews

    Giganews Guest

    I've just hooked up a Linsys PAP2T to my router and have configured it
    to dial out and receive calls using Voipdiscount.

    I can't help thinking that Voipdiscount will drop the free calls to UK
    at some point and so ideally what I'd like to do, is to have a 'known'
    Voip provider such as Sipgate or Draytel and use the Voipdiscount for
    outgoing calls only.

    has anyone managed to configure their Linksys PAP2 to do just that using
    a single telephone plugged in?

    Any tips appreciated

    many thanks in advance

    Giganews, Oct 6, 2006
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  2. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    Yes, just sign up to Voxalot.com (free) and register as many providers
    as you like (including Voipdiscount) with them. You then configure your
    PAP2 to use Voxalot instead of Voipdiscount as your provider.

    Within Voxalot create a dialplan to use Voipdiscount for your preferred
    destinations (01xxx, 02xxx 00xxx for instance).

    The result is that outgoing calls are as seamless as you have at
    present AND incoming calls to any of your registered numbers will ring
    the telephone connected to your PAP2.

    Works a treat.

    Oldie, Oct 6, 2006
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  3. Giganews

    Giganews Guest

    Hi Oldie,
    Do you have an an example of a UK dialplan, the thought of putting one
    together from scratch seems a bit daunting.

    Giganews, Oct 7, 2006
  4. Giganews

    Giganews Guest

    I've now set up Voxalot with -

    020 numbers outbound via Voipdiscount which works
    07 numbers via Draytel which does not register and does not work

    I've now got no incoming calls to my PAP2.

    Any ideas guys?
    Giganews, Oct 7, 2006
  5. Giganews

    Jono Guest

    Giganews explained on 07/10/2006 :
    I would use www.voipcheap.com for 07 numbers.

    Are you now saying Sipgate won't work on inbound calls?
    Jono, Oct 7, 2006
  6. Giganews

    Mike Ball Guest

    Aren't Sipgate blocking un-authenticated (i.e. non peering partner)
    incoming calls, though I don't know if this applies to incoming calls from
    Mike Ball, Oct 7, 2006
  7. Giganews

    s Guest

    I gave up on Sipgate and went for Draytel.

    So through Voxalot, I can get outbound but not inbound on Voipdiscount and
    outbound or inbound on Draytel.

    Any help appreciated.
    s, Oct 7, 2006
  8. Giganews

    Brian Guest

    You are basically correct about Sipgate's policy but if there is a
    registration request from VoXaLot which is accepted then there is

    Brian, Oct 7, 2006
  9. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    You do it on a line-by-line basis. For example, my line 1 reads

    1 _01. ${EXTEN} Voipdiscount Yes

    Which means: If the number starts with 01, route it through
    Voipdiscount. The "Yes" meams that it's active. Then I do the same for
    _02, _00 etc.

    Oldie, Oct 7, 2006
  10. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    When you set up a Provider, remember to set Sip Register to "Yes" so
    that it will handle incoming calls. Otherwise it will be outgoing only
    (and some providers don't need to be registered to let you make
    outgoing calls).

    It can take up to 24 hours to register a provider. I have no experience
    with Draytel, but most others handle incoming calls OK. If you have a
    problem with a provider not handling inbound calls to Voxalot, a
    workaround that I have found is to have the provider divert to a SIP
    provider that does. An example mighrt be Free World Dialup. Divert to
    *393yourid in that case.

    Oldie, Oct 7, 2006
  11. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    Jono wrote:

    Sipgate works fine on inbound calls to Voxalot for me.

    Oldie, Oct 7, 2006
  12. Giganews

    Brian Guest

    Sound advice. Voipdiscount is one of the providers which take outgoing
    calls without registration. Giganews doesn't mention whether there is a
    Voipdiscount registration shown but if there is not it would account
    for the lack of incoming calls from them.
    VoXaLot are planning to improve on the 24 hour waiting period so until
    that change takes place some patience may be required. It is probably
    best to set up a provider and then leave the configuation alone.

    I cannot see the diversion advice working. Surely there has to be a
    registration for a call on a PSTN number to get to VoXaLot?

    Brian, Oct 8, 2006
  13. Giganews

    Giganews Guest

    When I used Voipdiscount with the PAP2 and no Voxalot I could get incoming
    and out going
    call with no problem.

    With Voxalot, Voipdiscount registered fine but could get outgoing calls
    With Draytel and Voxalot the registration is coming up as failed so I've no
    idea what's wrong
    there and I have £20 of credit with them too.......

    The joys of being a newbie!
    Giganews, Oct 8, 2006
  14. Giganews

    Mike Guest

    Uhmm, I'm a little confused on this now! I currently have two providers,
    Sipgate and Voiptalk setup on my SPA1001's two lines, but the original idea
    was to use the Voiptalk number for incoming only and route it to Sipgate,
    thus only using one line, leaving the second free for a cheapo/free
    provider. Are you saying that I could route first to Voxalot and then to
    Sipgate and this would work?
    Mike, Oct 8, 2006
  15. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    Brian wrote:

    Maybe I wasn't too clear. It was a bit late when I wrote that. What I
    meant was that you can open an account with FWD and have it forward all
    incoming calls to a provider such as Sipgate, which in my case works
    well with Voxalot for inbound calls.

    Then, if you have a provider (Draytel in the OP's case) with which you
    are having trouble inbound to Voxalot, arrange for it to forward all
    its incoming calls to FWD. The incoming call then goes Draytel -> FWD
    -> Sipgate. If this forwarding is at SIP level there will be no charge.
    This obviously relies on Draytel offering a facility to redirect calls
    another SIP provider. (I don't know if it does).

    You could of course go Draytel -> Sipgate directly, but not all
    providers have reciprocal peering arrangements. They pretty well all
    seem to have one with FWD, though.

    In this scenario, the only provider that needs to be registered with
    Voxalot for incoming calls is Sipgate, although Draytel will need to be
    registered as well if you want to use it for outgoing calls.

    Oldie, Oct 8, 2006
  16. Giganews

    Brian Guest

    As I am sure you appreciate your original idea will not work because if
    you divert to <> Sipgate will not accept the
    call. Any SIP call has to come from a registered Sipgate line or a
    source they have a special arrangement with. Closed networks - don't you
    just love them?

    If you have a fixed IP number why not divert directly to your ATA? Even
    with a dynamic IP you could arrange to do that.
    Voxalot registers with Sipgate on your behalf so Sipgate is happy with a
    SIP call originating from there. You should be able to divert your
    Voiptalk number to Voxalot and, with the right dial plan, have Voxalot
    send the call to your phone via Sipgate.

    Brian, Oct 8, 2006
  17. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    Your original idea is good. It will do what you want, since Voiptalk
    allows you to route to other providers. What Brian meant (I think) is
    that if you register your Sipgate account with Voxalot and that if
    Voxalot accepts that registration it will work even though there is no
    peering arrangement.

    In my experience this is the case, and I use Sipgate this way. For your
    case there would seem to be no advantage, though if you would like to
    make outgoing calls from both your Voiptalk and Sipgate accounts this
    is an option. You can then add other providers as you wish.

    Oldie, Oct 8, 2006
  18. Giganews

    Oldie Guest

    Oldie wrote:

    To follow up on my own post (bad netiquette, I know) I've just read
    Brian's post and I think I might be confused myself. I thought I had
    redirected to Sipgate, but then I've routed and rerouted so many times
    I can't now be sure what configurations work and which don't! I'll have
    to check my setups.

    Still, as we both said, Voxalot will do it!

    Oldie, Oct 8, 2006
  19. Giganews

    Mike Guest

    Unfortunately, I didn't at the time :(
    I haven't really looked at this, but wouldn't it tie up a line also?
    Thanks, that's good to know. I already have a voxalot account but it's not
    being used presently. I'll have to have a play. Not sure why I'd need a
    dial plan though, as all calls would be routed onto Spgate?
    Mike, Oct 8, 2006
  20. Giganews

    Brian Guest

    [A small snip]
    I would question FWD -> Sipgate being possible. Not having a FWD account
    I cannot make a direct test but from a Voxalot account *211<sipgate_no>
    fails. Sipgate have a policy of not accepting a SIP URI so, unless they
    have made an exception for calls from FWD, my expectation of success is
    Even if Draytel allowed redirection to a SIP URI (and their FAQ says
    they don't) the FWD -> Sipgate link will likely break.
    Your ideas are spot on and indicate how useful VoIP can be. Substitute
    'Voipfone' or 'Voiptalk' for 'Sipgate' and they would work. To get what
    he wants the OP will have to look to Voxalot because one of his
    providers, Sipgate, does not offer redirection at all and, in addition,
    will not accept unauthenticated calls, and the other provider, Draytel,
    does not redirect to a SIP number.

    Brian, Oct 8, 2006
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