voipcheap.com and voipcheap.co.uk - comparison

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Paul, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I've just noticed that voipcheap.co.uk has begun charging 1p per minute for
    calls to UK landlines (was 'free' until a few days ago and nobody warned
    me). You clearly need to check the rates firms like this are charging every
    day - before making calls - as otherwise they can hike up the price and you
    don't realise they are not so 'cheap' any more, until it's too late!

    Voipcheap.com is still treating UK landlines as 'free' - but for how long?
    Suggest they need watching daily also.

    Interestingly, even though my 4 months time limit for use of the £10 + VAT
    paid to voipcheap.co.uk has expired, they still show some credit and I've
    been able to use this (thought you lost the 'small change' if you didn't pay
    another tenner)?

    Also interestingly, voipcheap.com charges in Euros (not UKP) and E10 gets
    you 3 months' usage (not 4) - which seems fair enough, but makes price
    comparisons difficult.

    Presumably, as you are charged VAT on the £10/E10 paid in, the charged-for
    calls actually cost the amount shown on the firm's website plus VAT (so
    actually more than stated).

    Although I make most of my calls via one or other of these firms, their
    methods of operation and charging are not very transparent and they both
    clearly need watching like a hawk!

    Paul, Sep 4, 2006
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  2. Paul

    Paul Cupis Guest

    The above was mentioned here last week, thread subject "Voipcheap calls
    no longer free". Suggest you check the archive for that thread in
    addition to replies to this new thread.
    Paul Cupis, Sep 4, 2006
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  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Terribly sorry for wasting your time - I hadn't looked back far enough!

    Paul, Sep 4, 2006
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