VoIPCheap.co.uk and IaxComm

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by wakaru, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. wakaru

    wakaru Guest

    Hi y´all:

    I discovered VoipBuster a few months ago. I tried it, and loved it
    Quality is not magnificent, but... who cares when it´s free.

    I even managed to set a different voip free-GPL client (Iaxcomm
    (http://rapid.sunsite.dk/rapid/tools/iaxcomm.html) up to use it alon
    with Voipbuster.com

    Unfortunately, a few days ago (and without any notice at all) landlin
    phone calls to the UK have stopped being free, but from their websit
    there is a link to a similar one which is called VoIPCheap.co.uk whic
    provides the same service (in fact is the same website, with differen
    logo and different rates but actually owned by the same company) bu
    this time the phone calls to UK landllines are free.

    The thing is that I coould manage to get the above free-GPL clien
    (iaxComm) to work with VoIPCheap.co.uk

    Any ideas or suggestions on how to get it working?

    Thanks a lot
    wakaru, Nov 2, 2005
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  2. wakaru

    Martin² Guest

    There is something weird with voipcheap, doesn't work with SIP /ATA's
    However there is now sipdiscount.co.uk (yep, same lot again !) which is dead
    simple to set up.
    You will find lot more posts / info on uk.telecom.voip group.
    Martin², Nov 3, 2005
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