Voipbuster & sjphone

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by mmx2, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. mmx2

    mmx2 Guest

    Hi there, can someone tell me how i can make sjphone to work with m
    voipbuster account ? (www.voipbuster.com)

    I think i have done everything right, i can ring out with it, but whe
    someone pick ups the phone i cant hear him and he cant listen to me

    The main connection is there, but no voice transmission ? Why ? Wha
    am i doing wrong ?

    Im using XP home edition on my machin

    When i do use the voipbuster program it works fine not 100% but 60%
    Do someone else olso have the problem where the voice do disaperes i
    2-4 seconds and so on


    mmx2, Aug 23, 2005
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  2. mmx2

    Stephen Todd Guest

    There are several possible things: basically NAT and codecs.

    Have you tried the phone with some other service provider (eg
    voipuser.org or fwd)? You can sign up with them for free and do some
    things, and their SIP systems seem to be much more stable/sensible than
    Voipbuster's. [alas, they don't have the same free calls] If those
    are working, you probably have the firewall etc set up OK. If you can't
    get those to work, you need to look into NAT/firewall issues. (I have
    found so far that with NAPT you don't need STUN and all those

    The most likely problem from my recent experience is the codec choice.
    Voipbuster seems to negotiate use of codecs it then can't honour; and
    then give a '403 forbidden' return code. I have restricted my codecs to
    G711a and G711u on a Grandmaster 486 and that worked for me. I haven't
    tried sjphone with Voipbuster (I had instability problems with it even
    before I added the Voipbuster dimension)

    Look for lots of information on forums at voipuser.org and

    Good luck
    Stephen Todd, Aug 24, 2005
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  3. mmx2

    mmx2 Guest

    Hi - my sister has a grandmaster 486 on her ip, but she has no
    connected it with voipbuster. Can you give me the details how to se
    up grandmaster 486 with voipbuster ?

    mmx2, Aug 26, 2005
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