Voip Switch + Dedicated server for Rent & Sales by switchconfig.com

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    Voip Switch + Dedicated server for Rent & Sales by switchconfig.com

    VPS system contains main system with
    » Softswitch with management interface
    » Billing
    » Portal (endusers interface)
    » Web admin interface (VSC)
    » VOIP Tunnel
    » 24/7 Support to help the customers
    » Free initial training and configuration.

    Additional modules
    » Callback module - SMS, ANI, PIN, DID, WEB
    » IP IVR (Calling cards) module
    » Resellers module
    » Callshop module
    » OnlineShop module

    You will be able to do the following things with the system :

    » Whole VOIP Service
    » Retail VOIP Service.
    » VPN Tunnel to bypass ISP restrictions.
    » Calling card Service with PIN and Caller ID
    » Call back service with PIN, ANI, SMS or WEB call back.
    » Upto 3 level Reseller system
    » Callshop system with booths
    » IVR system to announce balance, voicemail etc.
    » Payment system like Paypal, Credit cards etc.
    » Customer Web site
    » Administrator Web site
    » Reseller Web site.
    » Route Provider Web site (New!!!!!!)
    » Protocol Conversion.
    » SMS traffic handling.
    » Vonage type home phone service expandability.
    » Iphone, Nokia, Android and Windows Mobile Dialer Expandability.
    » IP PBX Expandability.

    ---------- Contact ----------------------------------

    Website : www.switchconfig.com

    Yahoo : [email protected]
    Gmail : [email protected]

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    switchvaishak, Apr 6, 2011
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