voip/sip at cisco 7960 and 1751

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Andre Gronwald, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. hi,
    i am a trainee and have the task to make the bought hardware working.
    the following hardware has been bought:
    - 2651xm (with only 64mb ram and 16mb flash, not enough for voip-ios)
    - 1751-v (the voip-router)
    - 2 7960 ip-phones.

    there is some further hardware, but they are not necessary for

    all i want is to be able to dial the number of the other phone and get
    it to ring!! ;-)
    no outbound-routing or anything else... (all router and phones and
    server are working in the same subnet!)

    first i knew nothing about this topic. now i know a bit, but at this
    moment i don't know what to do to get working those things together. the
    last days i only used the 1751-v and the phones and a sip-proxy-server.
    but i don't know, what exactly to do. i studied many manuals, howtos
    etc, but it is not working.

    so i would like to know the following:
    1. is the pc-sip-proxy-server really needed, or is the 1751-v sufficient?
    2. what has to be configured in the 1751-v?
    3. if the pc-sip-proxy-server is used, do i still need the 1751-v (only
    internal communication is wanted)?

    if this is clear to me, i have the next questions... ;-)))

    would be great to get help, because after trying everything i am feeling

    thank you very much,
    Andre Gronwald
    Andre Gronwald, Nov 28, 2003
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  2. This should be enough.
    That should be easy.
    Hmm, study better. All the info you need is on cisco.com. I presume you
    have a login account there to get to the good stuff ?
    Just the 1751 and 7960's are enough. The 1751 should be running ITS
    (a.k.a. Call Manager Express) and the phones should use the skinny
    firmware versions.
    The keyword is 'ephone', try cisco.com.
    If you have a valid SIP setup (for instance Asterisk), you should be
    able to configure the phones in SIP mode.
    Arnold Ligtvoet, Nov 29, 2003
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  3. Andre Gronwald

    SPD Guest


    You might need to clarify what you mean by make the hardware work.
    Given that see the following answers.
    Your subject line has "voip/sip" in it. Do you want to run SIP? If so
    then making
    one phone call the other is very easy. Download a pre-v5 SIP image (and
    associated files)
    from cisco.com. Place them on a tftp server accessible by the phones.
    Reboot the
    phones and they should load the SIP firmware. Once SIP is loaded call
    the other
    phone by it's IP address (entering an IP address is cumbersome on the
    phone keypad
    but it works) and the other phone will ring.
    Keep reading.
    A server is only needed if you want "additional" functionality. If you
    want authentication,
    registration, perhaps voice mail, call routing rules, etc then a server
    will eventually be
    needed. As I said above simply having one phone call the other is easy.
    So far so good I think.
    Asterisk, SER, Vovida and others make good public domain SIP proxy servers.
    Depending upon your needs you may want to spend some time looking at these
    products. Also check out sites like http://www.packetizer.com for more
    on signaling standards.
    SPD, Nov 30, 2003
  4. easy? i have been trying for over 5 days and wasn't able to get it
    working... ;-(
    but i am just a trainee and an absolutely newbee in voip...
    well, i read many documents, but i didn't find THAT document which i
    understood so well, that i could handle that topic... i found many info
    about sip, many about voip, but seldom combined... and when it was
    combined, it was too complicated for me... (i am from germany and not
    the best englöish-speaking-one, perhaps this is another problem)
    i have just installed the ios 6.0.0, i think it is a sip-software... how
    to find a skinny-ios? i will have a look, when i am on work tomorrow,
    but maybe you have the answer right now.
    i never found this word in my searches... so i will have a look tomorrow!!!
    if i understand you correctly:
    either i use a skniiy sw, then i need no sip-server, or i use a sip-sw,
    then a sip-server is necessary.
    for the last case: how to configure the 1751?
    thanks for your help, i hope to make a step forward with it!!!

    with best regards,
    andre gronwald
    Andre Gronwald, Nov 30, 2003
  5. primary goal: enter a number (ip-address or telephone-number) and get
    the other phone to ring!
    secondary goal: the same over different networks (so routing becomes
    3rd goal: call another phone over the isdn-net.
    4th goal (my personal goal): understand the important things you need to
    know to configure most hardware-setups. therefor i need to know the
    difference between sip and skinny-sw (i read about it in the other
    answer) and get deeper into each solution (i want to know all!!! ;-)))) ).
    to use sip is not necessary, but possible. at least i want to be able to
    get different ways working (sip / skinny; is there another way?).
    is a sip-server needed? i have launched a sip-server, both phones are
    registrated, but the configured numbers didn't work. but ip-addresses i
    didn't try yet...
    i will, but it is so much, the information are not always the needed
    ones (you get always same or similar infos, but other needed things
    aren't explained)...
    i think that additional features were nice... i don't want to enter
    always ip-addresses to call s.o... ;)
    i have another sip-proxy-server (i can't remember the name at the
    moment). phones are, as already mentioned, registered, but i don't know
    what to do next.
    btw: if sip is used, what about the 1751-v? can i ignore it???
    thanks very much, i will have not only one look at this sites!!!

    andre gronwald
    Andre Gronwald, Nov 30, 2003
  6. Still there is a lot of info at cisco.com. You could try :
    (sorry for the long link).
    AFAIK Cisco have a solution for SIP, but it is expensive. The 'most
    easy' option, if you want to work with Cisco and already have to
    hardware is to go for the Call Manager Express option. The link above
    points to the admin manual.
    Ehhh IOS 6.0.0, I don't know this one. CME (Call Manager Express) uses
    IOS 12.2(4)T. It could be SIP software, I've never used SIP in a Cisco
    See link above.
    Yup, there are two scenarios;
    a) set-up something in the SIP area. As SPD stated you would not need
    any server to dial phones by IP address.
    b) Set up CME on the 1751, insert a VWIC into the 1751. Install the
    correct version of IOS and CME on the 1751. Have the skinny phoneload
    for the 7960 and use the manual located at the link above.

    Good luck.
    Arnold Ligtvoet, Dec 1, 2003
  7. Andre Gronwald

    shido Guest

    What kind of phone? Regular phone ( rj-11) IP Phone? (7960? Budgetone?
    Snom?) softphone?

    If you have any of the above you can download asterisk at (www.asterisk.org)
    and install it on a Linux box and get started by dropping me a line. I'll
    install it and tweak it while you watch for free. All you need to do is find
    a spare PC laying around (266 mhz or better with 32 mb of ram)

    Greg Merriweather
    The NuFone Network

    519-251-8225 x 3000
    shido, Dec 3, 2003
  8. there are 2 7960s!
    well, i was told by arnold that all can work with the 1751-v only, so i
    try to get it work only with the 1751-v, the ip-phones and a switch.
    Andre Gronwald, Dec 3, 2003
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