Voip service keeping my list of contacts

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by john hamilton, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. We have the Voip service 'VoipStunt'. Sometimes on our list of telephone
    contact numbers a lot of the contacts go missing, and then re-appear later.

    Would like to store this contact list we have on VoipStunt somewhere else
    for safekeeping. They do not allow you to copy and paste your list.

    Under 'Tools' they give the options of 'backup contacts to file'. These
    options are V Card Files (vcf), Voip contacts (vcc), and messenger contacts

    The vcf load up on the desktop and you have to open up each one in
    alphabetical order. Not reasonable if you have several hundred. ( Is this
    their idea of a joke?). The vcc I cannot open. I don't use messenger, but am
    willing to install it; if this is the only way I can access the list when I
    want to.

    Grateful for any suggestions on any way for me to take ownership of this
    contact list.(Especially since I might want to stop using VoipStunt).
    john hamilton, Sep 2, 2010
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  2. Looks like Messenger is the only way to get them out, though you then have a
    problem of exporting them from Messenger. It appears the CTT is an XML
    format, so you might have some mileage extracting them directly (eg perhaps
    you can persuade Excel to parse the XML as a table).

    On the subject, use a generic SIP softphone configured for Voipstunt - that
    way, it's easy to change provider when they put their prices up (which they
    have - you may well find one of their sister brands is cheaper now). The
    only thing the Windows Voipstunt (etc) client is useful for is registering
    numbers for CLID - do that once and everything else can be done via a
    softphone and the website. I find X-lite version 2 (not version 3) good (if
    a bit quirky), but YMMV.

    Theo Markettos, Sep 3, 2010
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