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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by jonathanztaub, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. I browsed online for VoIP services and came up with the following:

    - Lingo: unlimited $19.95
    - iConnect: 800 minutes $15.99 unlimited $29.99
    - BroadVoice: unlimited $19.95 in-state $9.95
    - BroadVox: couldn't find any details
    - Vonage: unlimited $24.99 500 minutes $14.99
    - SpeakEasy: couldn't find any details
    - Packet8: unlimited $19.95
    - Belkin: 500 minutes $14.95 unlimited $24.95

    By unlimited I mean the US and Canada.

    How come there is such a difference?
    AT&T and Verizon offer is more expensive.
    Have you heard of any of these brands quality of service?

    For me, if quality is pretty much the same, I'd go for the "in state"
    package for
    $9.95 from BroadVoice. I do mostly local calls.
    Is anyone aware of pay as you go kinda plans?
    jonathanztaub, Dec 24, 2004
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  2. Lots of others, but these are probably the bigger names out there.

    Because its a relatively new service, and the market hasn't converged down
    to be a commodity service level and price yet.

    Yes, the bigger brand names tend to be.

    Yes. They all come out about the same, and it usually depends on your
    connectivity. Most of the VOIP providers generally buy wholesale ports
    in each market, and your computer/IAX/ATA/Phone talks directly with
    the port after the initial routing and registration are done with the
    providers gear. So really, its more an issue about what kind of
    hardware they promote, how their enhanced services work for you, and
    their customer service is if you need to use it.
    Some of those that you quote above do offer a pay-as-you-go, but they
    all generally like the fixed rates above because people usually don't
    use all the minutes they sign up for anyway, and the block rate gives
    them a better deal.
    Doug McIntyre, Dec 24, 2004
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  3. jonathanztaub

    Pepperoni Guest

    If you want to use your PC for calls, Voiceglo has good sound quality and
    easy setup. Peer-to-peer is also free.
    Pepperoni, Dec 24, 2004
  4. jonathanztaub

    Kyler Laird Guest

    The "unlimited" plans aren't unlimited. The providers pay for the usage
    and you will too if you go over the unspoken limit.
    LiveVoIP: $0.018/minute, $1/month DID

    I much prefer to simply pay for what I get - especially when I don't use
    much. I doubt there are many people who really get a better deal with
    the "unlimited" plans over the long term. (If they did, the company
    would not do well...which *is* happening to some already.)

    Kyler Laird, Dec 25, 2004
  5. Yeah, I keep wondering about this. I'm on the "unlimited" world plus plan
    on Broadvoice, I wonder how long they will keep this plan up. At $24/mo,
    I can't see how they make any money.
    Well, it all depends on calling patterns. I make calls to Argentina
    frequently, the world plus plan at Broadvoice is a perfect fit for me,
    my international bill went from $90+ to a flat fee of $24/mo.

    Javier Henderson, Dec 25, 2004
  6. jonathanztaub

    Kyler Laird Guest

    Individuals can get US and Canada VoIP service for well under $0.02/minute.
    Surely BroadVoice pays less. That means any user who doesn't use well over
    1000 minutes per month is leaving some money for other operating costs (and
    profit). Having a few users who go over is o.k. as long as enough users go
    Argentina is $0.018 (Buenos Aires) to $0.1102 (Mobile) per minute at LiveVoIP.
    The rate for regular "Argentina" is $0.0319/minute so I assume you use
    something on the order of 2500 minutes per month (an hour and a half every
    day) to make "$90+". I will be surprised if you keep up this usage without
    being contacted by BroadVoice. I hope you'll report back on it. I'm sure
    there are lots of people who would appreciate the info.

    Kyler Laird, Dec 26, 2004
  7. jonathanztaub

    Mitel Lurker Guest


    Most any 1st-year law student can probably explain that "unlimited" means
    exactly that, without limits, and any good attorney can write a letter to
    the service provider sternly warning them that any attempt to place -any-
    restrictions on your "unlimited" usage can result in legal action charging
    the service provider with Deceptive Trade Practices. It's a very serious
    charge and one which is very expensive to lose in court (treble damages).
    Several of the early internet service providers who naively used the word
    "unlimited" in their original advertised offerings got severely stung by
    it (at least here in Texas) and now fervently avoid the use that word for
    that reason.
    Mitel Lurker, Dec 26, 2004
  8. jonathanztaub

    B Nelson Guest

    Can you name a Canadian VoIP provider that charges "well" under 2
    cents a minute. What does "well under" mean anyway? Less then 0.015? I
    haven't run across any Canadian provider charging a per minute price
    that low. I would be very interested in finding out who you would be
    referring to.
    B Nelson, Dec 26, 2004
  9. jonathanztaub

    pl Guest

    Toronto Ontario Canada. www.mutualphone.com .012/min US

    And you can buy blocks of $3 via paypal, no fees, pay as you go.
    pl, Dec 27, 2004
  10. jonathanztaub

    Kyler Laird Guest

    LiveVoIP has/had offices in Canada. Montreal, I think. Regardless,
    they provide services in Canada.
    Yes, it starts at $0.0130 and goes down to $0.0085.
    Contrast that to Nufone (who I emphatically recommend avoiding) who
    claims "2c/m" but actually charges $0.029.

    Kyler Laird, Dec 27, 2004
  11. jonathanztaub

    B Nelson Guest

    Thanks, I will investigate.

    Has anyone tried OnlineTel? According to their yearly subscription it
    they would be $0.0041
    B Nelson, Dec 27, 2004
  12. jonathanztaub

    Itamar Guest

    Net2Phone has Pay As You Go, Limited and Unlimited plans.
    Itamar, Jan 2, 2005
  13. www.hyperfone.net/fone offers a pay as you go plan on broadband and dialup

    Article posted with Cabling-Design.com Newsgroup Archive
    no-spam read and post WWW interface to your favorite newsgroup -
    comp.dcom.voice-over-ip - 1757 messages and counting!
    Nation2Nation, Jan 14, 2005
  14. jonathanztaub

    Ken Endeley Guest

    Can I buy any of these services and use it abroad?
    Ken Endeley, Jan 31, 2005
  15. jonathanztaub

    Carl Navarro Guest

    My friend was going to send a Packet8 box to his sister in Singapore.
    When I talked to Packet8 they had different rates, but the calls to
    USA were about 2 cents per minute and free to other Packet8 customers.

    Carl Navarro
    Carl Navarro, Jan 31, 2005
  16. jonathanztaub

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    Sure, as long as you can get a decent internet connection. I use USA-based
    VoIP across a DSL connection here in Malaysia without much issue (the ISP
    blocks port 5060 so I have to run around that, but once that's taken care of
    things work fine, despite my 300ms ping times to the USA).

    Miguel Cruz, Jan 31, 2005
  17. jonathanztaub

    Rick Merrill Guest

    What about


    Rick Merrill, Jan 31, 2005
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