voip in Europe - ch, de, at numbers

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by brix, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. brix

    brix Guest


    Anyone knows how to have a zurich, wien, or frankfurt
    voip number?

    sipgate.at and .de don't offer numbers anymore, do you
    know other voip providers?

    No iconnetchere please, 50% of calls are lost with them,

    brix, Mar 26, 2005
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  2. We (in .de) have a RegTP regulation rule enforcing that a "geographic"
    phone number may only be given out to a resident of the corresponding
    area, hence people from Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro or Planet Mars cannot
    get a phone number in FFM (for example) ;-)


    "Whether Halliburton, ENRON or anyone
    greed is a weapon of mass destruction"
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    Robert Spielmann, Mar 26, 2005
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  3. brix

    Ivor Jones Guest

    I know that Sipgate require that you register using a UK based IP address
    to get a UK geographic number, maybe it's the same in Germany..? If so,
    find someone in the area you want the number for to register an account
    using your name. If they do so from a computer with a "local" IP address
    it should work ok.

    Ivor Jones, Mar 26, 2005
  4. No, it's not. During the registration on sipgate.de, Sipgate verifies
    that your personal information (name, address) is correct.

    Tor-Einar Jarnbjo, Mar 26, 2005
  5. brix

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    How? In Germany is there a failsafe process for private companies to find
    out where people live?

    Miguel Cruz, Mar 26, 2005
  6. brix

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Interesting. How do they do this..?

    One of the points on the UK site specifically states that you do not need
    to live in the UK to get a UK number, all they require is the initial
    registration is done from a UK-based IP address.

    Ivor Jones, Mar 26, 2005
  7. Well, it depends, but for most people, it is possible to check if the
    information they provide is valid. There is a German company called
    SCHUFA, which was originally founded to provide credit evaluation and a
    vast majority of the people living in Germany are somehow present in
    their register. Since recently, they are also providing a simple "do
    this person exist" service, which is used by e.g. Sipgate and eBay to
    validate the registration data. I'm not sure how Sipgate is handling the
    case that the data could not be validated. eBay will send you a
    validation code by mail if SCHUFA is not able to verify your address.

    Tor-Einar Jarnbjo, Mar 26, 2005
  8. brix

    Martin² Guest

    In the last three weeks somebody here asked for VoIP provider in CH,
    then reported he's found one, do a search.
    Martin², Mar 27, 2005
  9. brix

    Petri Krohn Guest

    In Germany (like in Finland) most financial transactions (paying your bills)
    are done by direct wire transfer (Überweisung). The receiver of the payment
    gets verified information of the name of the account holder.

    In Finland most banking is done on-line over the Interent. Banks also
    provide a (free) on-line authentication service. You type in your banking
    PIN and codes on an authentication web page, the organization requiring
    authentication will receive your name an social security number.

    (This prosess alone will not give your address though...)
    Petri Krohn, Apr 3, 2005
  10. brix

    Dimitri Guest

    Dimitri, Apr 4, 2005
  11. brix

    david_ffm Guest

    One of the points on the UK site specifically states
    Only if you don't want a regional number.
    If you are not a resident then you can only
    get a 0845 or 0870 number.

    I quote from sipgate.co.uk:

    "Important: Customers who sign up with sipgate for
    "geographic phone numbers in the UK, must reside
    within the UK."
    david_ffm, Apr 7, 2005
  12. brix

    Ivor Jones Guest

    From the same site (help pages):

    ::sipgate doesn't offer any numbers in my city. Can I still use sipgate?

    ::Yes, sipgate works worldwide. You needn't even live in the city
    ::eek:r country your number is from. Anywhere you have a broadband
    ::Internet connection, you can use your sipgate account.

    ::For the 01 and 02 numbers (geographically based), you will need
    ::to do the initial registration from a British IP address.

    Make of that what you will..!

    Ivor Jones, Apr 7, 2005
  13. brix

    supreme voip Guest

    I don't know if this can help you... but you can have an US number and
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    don't need to be a US citizen!

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    supreme voip, Apr 10, 2005
  14. brix

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    That'll be very handy for all those people who have broadband internet but
    no computer.

    Miguel Cruz, Apr 10, 2005
  15. brix

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Some people don't like leaving computers on all the time. You don't want
    your phone to stop working just because you've switched your computer off,
    do you..?

    Ivor Jones, Apr 10, 2005
  16. brix

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    No, of course not, and I use an ATA for precisely that reason. I found the
    idea of not needing a computer at all to be incongruous though.

    Miguel Cruz, Apr 11, 2005
  17. brix

    Jeremy Guest

    If all you need is a "local" IP address, check this site for a list of
    proxies all over the world!

    Most of them are free--just change your browser settings to route your
    Internet use through the foreigh proxy, and you're on.

    Jeremy, Jun 6, 2005
  18. brix

    Frans Keijer Guest

    In Germany, you also need a qualified proof that you live at the address
    you gave them during application. They automatically inquire the SCHUFA
    database about your name, address and date of birth.

    (Information about SCHUFA in English as PDF:
    http://www.schufa.de/downloads/EB_E.pdf )

    Alternatively, you can send in a copy of your identity card (which
    states your address and birthdate as well) or your last phone or gas
    bills. (Just like you would do it in the UK to open an online bank account.)

    So, it is not that easy.

    VoIPBuster.com offers a free number in Germany, though. (Cologne area
    code: +49-211, if you registered with a German address.)
    You have to use their client softare -- but calls to many destinations
    are free as long as you top up your account with ONE Euro. :)

    Frans Keijer, Jun 7, 2005
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