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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Jovi.Portech, Apr 25, 2008.

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    PORTech Communications Inc. - GSM Gateways, GSM Fixed Wireless
    Terminals, E1/T1 GSM Channel Banks, VoIP GSM Gateways and Skype


    For call termination (VoIP to GSM ) and origination (GSM to VoIP). It
    is SIP based and compatible with Asterisk and SIP Proxy Server:

    Up to two channels
    50 sets routes setting
    Enable 1-stage dialing, 2-stage dialing
    All functions can be set on web


    MT-350/MT-354/MT-358 1/4/8 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals
    (FXS,FXO,GSM) -Cost saving effect- Make call from fixed lines (PBX or
    PSTN) to GSM networks and From GSM network to fixed lines), and
    enables up to 1/4/8 simultaneous calls to/from GSM networks.

    FXS,FXO,GSM interface
    Dial plan (GSM Prefix No.Setting - 50 sets)
    Auto-select economic route ( LCR )
    Only 1 (MT-350/MT-354) or 2(MT-358) antennas
    Polarity reversing function
    Follow me-Call-transfer feature (GSM TO PSTN,PSTN TO GSM):

    PSTN to GSM - an incoming call of PSTN will be transferred to specify
    GSM no. GSM to PSTN
    GSM in PSTN out, give you a prompt "du" and you can enter any
    destination number and an incoming call of GSM will be transferred to
    specify PSTN no


    DMT accepts incoming calls from E1/T1 PRI of PSTN or PBX and chooses
    one GSM channel to dial out according to the prefix of the destination
    mobile number. In this way, we can have least cost routing. DMT can
    provide Call Detail Record (CDR) for traffic and accounting

    ISDN PRI interface: one port
    GSM interface: 31 ports
    Optional external SCE-900: expands SIM card upto 32 pieces per GSM
    Optional external SCBox: expands SIM card upto four pieces per GSM
    Applicable for telecom service providers
    VoIP application: gateway's E1/T1 port connects DMT's E1/T1 port
    Calling time: user can assign the calling time for each sheet of the
    SIM card.When the time runs out, system will block this GSM port, or
    switch to next unused SIM card (in the case that SCE/SCBox is
    PRI to GSM, GSM to PRI (two-way)
    Option: SMS Function(Short message Service)
    Option: DMT-2 : E1*1 in,GSM*31 and E1*1 out

    Feel free to contact me:
    Jovi.Portech, Apr 25, 2008
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