vOip for dist. workplace

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Rick Merrill, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Rick Merrill

    Rick Merrill Guest


    "One of the benefits of IP-telephony is that IP addresses refer to a
    specific device and not a location. This can be very useful for
    organisations which are geographically dispersed or employ home workers
    or sales teams who work away from the main office. An IP-based network
    makes it easier to stay in touch, allowing the right people to access
    shared information and network facilities wherever they are. "


    - just curious
    Rick Merrill, Apr 10, 2005
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  2. Fine. This describes the reason why lots of companies find their way to
    VoIP. The "location" of an IP number or an URI is changeable very simple
    because there are things like DNS and so on. This is much simpler than
    to change a telephone numbering plan.

    But more and more telephone companies are switching to IP technology. So
    a "normal phone number" can be made as "movable" as an IP number in
    future using the same technology. ENUM is a step into this direction.

    Wolfgang Barth, Apr 10, 2005
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  3. Rick Merrill

    supremevoip Guest

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    supremevoip, Apr 10, 2005
  4. Rick Merrill

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    Why use that when there is cheaper, indubitably better, and much less spammy
    service available from broadvoice.com ?

    Miguel Cruz, Apr 10, 2005
  5. Rick Merrill

    supreme voip Guest

    for me is working perfect. the rates are not expensive and i can call
    to too many places . then is very simple to connect and I can travel
    with it.. so it become my mobile voip.. I know there are too many voip
    services around.. but with this one not only you save on your phone
    bill but it also gives you the chance to earn an extra income.. I don't
    see anything bad on this... and you?
    supreme voip
    supreme voip, Apr 11, 2005
  6. Rick Merrill

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    Which are better.
    Yes, I do - as with so many of these pyramid scams that "give you the chance
    to earn extra income", the actual result is spam that the rest of us have to
    put up with.

    Anyway, you'll get bored and give up when you realize that you're not
    actually earning anything, so have at it.

    Miguel Cruz, Apr 11, 2005
  7. Rick Merrill

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Waid-a-minute please, what is this "extra income"???
    Rick Merrill, Apr 11, 2005
  8. Rick Merrill

    Miguel Cruz Guest

    This "supreme voip" guy has been suckered into doing someone else's
    advertising for them through an incentive scheme. You'll see that the URLs
    he posts in his spam messages have ID numbers that identify users he
    referred to the web site.

    The two problems with supreme voip's fantasy are:

    A) None of these schemes ever pays out anything significant, despite the line
    of crap he was fed by whoever recruited him, so he will end up spending more
    time than it's worth. In almost every case the sucker in his role could make
    a lot more money at a minimum-wage burger flipping job.

    B) Because he has no useful resources or skills for advertising, he's stuck
    with loser approaches like spamming newsgroups, which just results in closed
    internet accounts and pissed-off people trying to make his life difficult.

    Miguel Cruz, Apr 11, 2005
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