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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by -=Falcon=-, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. -=Falcon=-

    -=Falcon=- Guest

    Lo all

    I have an SPA3012, which is primarily registered with Voxalot(.com).
    I also have a voip.co.uk account, which is registered with Voxalot.

    I can make calls from my handset, to UK (and other) PSTN numbers, and
    Voxalot handles them ok, passing them to voip.co.uk. I can make SIP to SIP
    /PSTN calls via ENUM (Voxalot uses SipBroker), or call SIP providers using
    the SipBroker * codes.

    What doesnt appear to work however, is someone calling (or
    @proxy.voip.co.uk) - not sure if this is because Voxalot is not handling it
    correctly (but calling my Voxalot address works) - or because voip don't do

    I did get a support reply from voip, saying they don't *block* SIP to SIP,
    but they don't support it, and it would be "coming soon" in their next
    feature release. This was back in November, so...any clues?
    -=Falcon=-, Jan 13, 2007
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  2. -=Falcon=-

    Jono Guest

    -=Falcon=- wrote on 13/01/2007 :
    Does work?
    Jono, Jan 13, 2007
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  3. -=Falcon=-

    Brian A Guest

    I might not quite have got the hang of what you are saying but have
    you set voip.co.uk to 'register' on voxalot provider settings? If so,
    have you checked that it is shown as 'registered' on the 'Providers
    List' page? If someone calls your voip.co.uk geo number, or SIP, then
    it will need to be registered for it to ring the handset(s) attached
    to your voxalot registered ATA. However, a provider doesn't,
    necessarily, need to be registered to make calls route through that

    Remove 'no_spam_' from email address.
    Brian A, Jan 13, 2007
  4. -=Falcon=-

    -=Falcon=- Guest

    My friend (with an Asterisk PBX) can't seem to call me. The ATA is
    registered with Voxalot fine, and Voxalot shows voip.co.uk as registered
    fine too.

    It seems I can be called at my Voxalot SIP address fine, but just not the
    voip one - and as mentioned, voip said they don't block it, but don't
    support it.

    I just wondered if anyone else is using voip.co.uk "as is" and ringing
    the actual SIP address works? (rather than the geographical number)

    Ringing my voip geo number DOES work, interestingly...
    -=Falcon=-, Jan 14, 2007
  5. -=Falcon=-

    Herman Guest

    Not sure if there are many providers this works for. Sipbroker offer
    mappings to SIP domains (so you can call a SIP address via a telephone
    keypad) and their status for voip.co.uk is "blocked/doesn't work". I have
    not managed to get this to work for any of the providers I have used.
    Herman, Jan 15, 2007
  6. -=Falcon=-

    Brian Guest

    That's similar to NTL saying (not that I'm claiming they have, of
    course) they do not block 056 numbers but do not support them. It leads
    you to expect that one day it just might work. They have been peddling
    the same line for over a year. Is that enough of a clue?

    Brian, Jan 15, 2007
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