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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by news8080, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. news8080

    news8080 Guest

    so I got a question. How do you get multiple phone numbers terminated
    on one line? in other words, lets say I have a office of 10 people and
    they want to share 5 phone numbers, well does SBC give me 5 different
    lines (as in 5 different copper cables? or do they give me like a
    trunk like that has all 5 lines on it?) what kind of hardware do I
    need to house those lines on an IP PBX?

    news8080, Oct 16, 2007
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  2. What do you mean with "line"? Yes, it is possible to have several
    concurrent calls on ONE internet connection. For optimal quality the
    internet connection should have 150 kbit/sec for each concurrent call.

    in other words, lets say I have a office of 10 people and
    No idea who "SBC" is, but from a VoIP provider you can get 5 incoming
    numbers which can be used on one or more internet connections. Normally
    you will use ONE connection. Even if you just have 5 INCOMING numbers
    you can make as many OUTGOING calls as your internet connection is able
    to carry. You just need someone with a gateway, who is routing these
    VoIP call into the public network. This should be available at very low
    cost of say a cent per minute or so.

    And you not need BUYing incoming numbers. You can get them without any
    cost from IPKALL.com. The rest is just configuration.

    or do they give me like a
    Best choice for internal VoIP PBX is Asterix running on Linux. You will
    only need a minimal hardware to run it.

    Then it is quite simple and you just need VoIP phones at your LAN to
    finish the calls. Maybe Headsets or Handsets with USB connections at the
    PC's in your LAN will suffice if these are running all the time.

    Wolfgang Barth, Oct 16, 2007
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  3. news8080

    Don Harvey Guest

    Thankfully, I just found this newsgroup and struggling to find a solution
    for my phones. I am planning on downsizing my small business the first of
    the year and move it back to my home. The current system I have at my
    office was purchased in 1992 and state of the art at that time. Needless to
    say it is pretty much a door stop by today's standard.

    I need 3 lines and decided to give Voip a call mainly because of cost and
    also wiring home. I do not intend to move the old office system here. The
    hosted IP PBX providers look promising but I am running into trying to find
    the right phones. My wife's office is on the 2nd floor of the house, mine
    is in the basement. Both are wired with Cat5 cabling, computers are
    networked with linksys, and Roadrunner is used.

    I can buy say a linksys 4 line voip phone. That takes care of the office
    upstairs. But where do I find another desk (base) phone for downstairs. I
    see also that one can buy other phones that come with additional wireless
    handsets which would work, but it is difficult to work on a handset all day.

    Any ideas or advice really appreciated. At this point I don't know the best
    way to proceed.

    Don Harvey
    Don Harvey, Oct 28, 2007
  4. news8080


    Oct 31, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Don your solution is even simpler than you think.

    If you go to this web site http://www.globalinx.com/?bNew=True&strRIN=L316078 you can sign up for 3 lines and they send you all the equipment you will need. You do not need to go out and buy anything the first DTA will cover two lines and the second DTA you could place in the basement or were you want for the third line using your already existing Cat-5 cordage or in house telephone lines. If you want you can also go to best buy and buy a powerline to Ethernet adapter which works well but is fairly expensive. Email me I will be happy to help
    5linx, Oct 31, 2007
  5. news8080

    Voiper Guest

    Perhaps you can find some useful iformation on CQ VoIP Call web site:
    There are links to service providers and hardware providers:

    Good luck.
    Voiper, Nov 3, 2007
  6. Hi

    Why not intall 2 voip phone in the two place. VOIP account is not like
    the PSTN account, you could find some account without month rent fee.

    liuzhaoyongxx, Nov 6, 2007
  7. news8080

    Don Harvey Guest

    Thanks Guys,

    Leon, you are right, I had to rethink how Voip works and different from
    PSTN. I ordered 2 Linksys SPA942 phones and will use 2 lines with IP PBX
    from Vocalocity (www.vocalocity.com) . I will eventually need 3 lines but 2
    will give me time to test.

    Looking forward to getting the phones and a relief that I will not have to
    install any further equipment or run any cabling. Time will tell but
    hopefully it will work as advertised.
    Don Harvey, Nov 7, 2007
  8. news8080

    Hongtian Guest

    You can install a VOIP-PBX server.

    When you install the VOIP-PBX, you can add external lines to connect
    to your VOIP carriers network and bind these external line to one
    local client/line. The you can get multiple phone numbers terminated
    to one line.

    In another way, you can configure these external lines to be shared
    with local users, then all you 10 people can share these external
    lines to make out group call.

    I suggest you to try miniSipServer. It is a software based SIP server
    for Microsoft windos platform. Maybe it can resolve your problem.

    Hongtian, Nov 7, 2007
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