Vodafone cable Deal

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Possible, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Possible

    Possible Guest

    Yes 80GB and with Ultra fast Broad band, 50Gb speed
    5 best mates all for $85. one year contract.

    Cable users only.
    Possible, Dec 11, 2013
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  2. Possible

    victor Guest

    Cable isn't ultra fast broadband.
    victor, Dec 11, 2013
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  3. Possible

    Your Name Guest

    That's what you get when you deal with useless Vodafone ... they don't
    even know what the Internet is, let alone have the ability or knowledge
    to be able to run an Internet provider. :-(
    Your Name, Dec 11, 2013

  4. Go do some reading its listed as Ultra fast Broad band

    Even a Speed test Program list it as Ultra fast Broad band.
    Frank Williams, Dec 11, 2013

  5. Gee you are so full of Crap..
    Frank Williams, Dec 11, 2013
  6. Possible

    victor Guest

    Ultra Fast Broadband is a brand name for the government fiber project.
    The Vodafone HFC network isn't part of that project.
    victor, Dec 11, 2013
  7. Possible

    David Empson Guest

    Vodafone currently offers three speed options on their cable network:

    15 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up
    50 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up
    130 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up

    They call the first one "Broadband - Cable", and the other two
    "Ultra-fast Broadband - Cable".

    They also offer "Ultra-fast Broadband - Fibre" plans, which are on what
    you are probably thinking of as the UFB network. The two speeds Vodafone
    offers on fibre (presumably the standard speeds for everyone) are 30
    Mbps down/10 Mbps up, and 100 Mbps down/50 Mbps up.

    Therefore Vodafone's "Ultra-fast Broadband - Cable" plans have faster
    maximum downstream speed but slower maximum upstream speed than their
    identically priced "Ultra-fast Broadband - Fibre" plans.

    It isn't "the" Ultra-Fast Broadband, but it is in the same (theoretical
    maximum) speed class, and is therefore "an" ultra-fast broadband.

    Also worth noting that Chorus is prioritising UFB (fibre) rollout around
    Wellington and Christchurch to areas which are not covered by the
    Vodafone (former TelstraClear) HFC network, so most of us who live in
    streets wired with cable will have to wait a while before we have any
    fast alternatives to VDSL2 or cable.
    David Empson, Dec 11, 2013

  8. So you are saying that Vodafone is Wrong as that is what they are
    calling it..
    Frank Williams, Dec 11, 2013

  9. Not the case in Kapiti fiber is going in all over the place here..
    Frank Williams, Dec 11, 2013
  10. Possible

    Your Name Guest

    Yep, not only are Vodafone "wrong", but they're also misleading,
    incompetent, idiotic, hopeless, annoying, aggrevating, deaf, obstinate,
    over-priced, greedy, unco=operative, ... :-(

    The ONLY bonus point useless Vodafone gets is for not having a moronic
    voice (non)recognition system on their (no)Helpdesk line, like Xtra
    Your Name, Dec 11, 2013

  11. I am referring to the .Telstaclear side of the system and as I have used
    many many ISP they are very good..

    May be you are not a cable user., so you would not know..?

    So you think that $85 is far to dear for 80Gig cap and 50Gb dnload
    speed,? well its far better than what Xtra has to offer..

    Here is the crap Telecom one Only $85/month, Get 80GB of Data,
    Unlimited Local Calls .

    All my calls are free even to Wellington not like Telecom and its slow
    Dnload speed and unreliable connections.

    Cable does not suffer from these problems
    Frank Williams, Dec 12, 2013
  12. Possible

    victor Guest

    I think they are free riding on the brand awareness created by the fiber
    Telstra Clear tried it before.
    Ultra fast is just marketing speak, LAN speeds aren't ultra fast, its
    just faster than the "make do with whats left over from the old
    telephone system" technology.
    I'd prefer that they differentiate quite clearly between the new GPON
    fiber rollout and Telecoms xDSL on a fiber backhaul, and the
    vodafone/telstraclear/saturn cable HFC system.
    victor, Dec 12, 2013
  13. Possible

    victor Guest

    They speak very highly of you.
    victor, Dec 12, 2013
  14. Possible

    Your Name Guest

    TelstraClear may have been good, but unfortunately they sold out to
    useless Vodafone, so your service will go down the toilet, just like
    every other service the greedy cretins at Vodafone took over.

    The problem isn't the cable, but the useless idiots who now run it.
    You'd better start looking for another Internet Provider who actually
    knows what they're doing.

    Fibre connections should be more reliable than copper ones, especially
    if you've still got overhead copper phone cabling.
    Your Name, Dec 12, 2013

  15. I find them 100% is there any better ones Please do list them, plus
    they do know what they are doing and they have a Service Dept here in
    Yes I but I have it NOW not next year and not $$$$$$$$$$.

    Fibre connections will cost the earth.

    You seam to forget the Telstaclear staff are sill there.

    Plus I don't wish to move to a Telecom Land line and pay toll calls to
    Wellington and drop my speed to 2Gb..

    Please think before you post again as it seems you are in the dark..

    I have been using the Intenet since day one, how long have you been
    Frank Williams, Dec 12, 2013
  16. Possible

    Your Name Guest

    It hasn't been that long since useless Vodafone took over. As the old
    advertising slogan says, "it won't happen overnight, but it will

    The fibre connections cost about the same as broadband connections ...
    although with greedy scum Chorus whining on about being forced to lower
    the price of the now-old broadband technology, they're claiming they
    will increase the price of other services. :-\

    It hasn't been that long since useless Vodafone took over. Once they
    realise how hopeless Vodafone is, the good staff move elsewhere.

    ihug used to be THE best internet provider in the country, then the
    owners got greedy and started dropping it in the toilet ... then
    Vodafone bought it and has been flushing the button ever since. :-(

    There are other providers, although realistically Orcon is the only
    other real provider.

    Nope. You're just not reading what I'm saying ... not a surprise on
    Usenet where most people apparently obey the sticker on the modem that
    says "turn brain off while using this device". :-(

    "Day one" there wasn't even Internet available in New Zealand. I've
    been using the internet and the previous BBS systems for decades.
    Your Name, Dec 12, 2013
  17. Possible

    ~misfit~ Guest

    This ^ ^ ^

    Really pisses me off. They're found to have been overcharging us by ~$120/pa
    for access to the copper backbone that we all paid for as taxpayers (and
    that they got for a song) for freakin' *years* yet are they required to
    reimburse us? No. Not only are they not but the finding and date of price
    drop is forward-dated by a year - and they're whining that, as they won't be
    getting the fillings out of our teeth in the foreseeable future their
    business model (and thus the UFB roll-out) will suffer! Well tough stools -
    they should have forseen this coming and known that the goose had a

    Duh! This has been a long time coming - They made hay while the sun shone -
    IMO they shouldn't be complaining when the clouds come. I think that part of
    the reason they tendered so aggressively for UFB contracts was they knew
    that, the government would mote than likely overturn the ruling. As they
    didn't have the numbers instead they're re-negotiating contracts? <shakes
    head> IMHO the UFB tenders were intended as an insurance policy of sorts to
    ensure the status quo. I'm pleased it's not working.

    Does the re-negotiated tenders mean other companies get a chance to bid for
    the contracts at the higher price? Or that, if the government is going to
    pay out more than the tendered rate they will re-visit the original
    submissions and perhaps award the work to another company? < ironic LOL :-/
    Crony capitalism doesn't like the bright light of day or the media
    spotlight. It took balls by the ComCom to make the ruling knowing that the
    government would likely over-rule and make them look like toothless mutts.
    Great that they couldn't but they'll find a way to keep the lucre flowing
    down. I mean bloody hell! The company was giving out ~10% of shareprice PA
    in dividends as well as the shares themselves being better than gold due to
    the inequities of having a monopoly on ex-NZ-owned copper lines....

    Sorry, wandering into OT territory....

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1).
    [Sent from my OrbitalT ocular implant interface]
    ~misfit~, Dec 12, 2013
  18. Rubbish $115 for 30GB From Telecom..

    iHug would have been the worse IPS in the World..

    When they first stated they install some very Crap Modems that kept
    locking up. so the fitted a Mains timer to turn them off at around 1AM.
    and then back on..
    Orcon seems ok But you need a Telecom land line..

    I am referring back to 1978 or near there, when Acrix first started.

    Yes and I was on BBS as well.
    Frank Williams, Dec 13, 2013
  19. Possible

    David Empson Guest

    You are out by a decade. Actrix started in 1989, which was also about
    the time the Internet became available in New Zealand to the general
    public and commercial users. (Universities had it earlier.)


    I have been a customer of theirs since about 1990 (my customer number is
    less than 2000).
    Me too, in the mid to late 1980s.
    David Empson, Dec 13, 2013
  20. Possible

    Your Name Guest

    There are cheaper fibre plans than that. The pricing is roughly the
    same, but the data cap (and obviously the speed) is different.

    ihug were the best ISP in the country, until the idiot Woods(?)
    brothers started getting greedy and having stupid ideas (like buying
    out Sky Cinemas!). After that it went quickly down the toilet, only to
    be then flushed continuously by Vodafone. :-(

    Orcon, like all the other ISPs, do have bundled landline with all their
    boradband plans, although I don't know if that's actually a
    sub-contract from Telecom or not.
    Your Name, Dec 13, 2013
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