VMWare Workstation and 64-bit Guest OS

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Neil W., Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Neil W.

    Neil W. Guest

    Does anyone have a 64-bit VMWare Guest OS successfully running on a
    notebook? If so, can you share what make, model and configuration notebook?
    Neil W., Jan 20, 2007
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  2. Neil W.

    Dshai Guest

    Yes I do, I'm running Ubuntu 64bit on VMWare 6 beta.
    Dshai, Jan 21, 2007
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  3. Running 64bit XP on a 64bit Vista host on a Ferrari 4000 with 2 GB of RAM.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 21, 2007
  4. Neil W.

    Neil W. Guest

    Oops - so sorry. I meant to ask if anyone is running on an Intel-based
    notebook. But thanks for replying. How do you like the Ferrari 4000 in
    general? Why did you choose that notebook if you don't mind my asking?
    Neil W., Jan 21, 2007
  5. Why choose it? Because it was the first fully supported 64bit notebook
    available. Do I like it? LOVE IT. FAR better than any notebook I've ever
    had. I use it still as my every day machine. Great display, usable keyboard,
    all the features you could ask for, and it's fast. Oh, and lest anyone doubt
    it, it's also _cool_. One thing that I like is that even though it has
    every possible feature, more than enough HD and almost enough memory, it
    still weighs in at under 6 Lbs. That's because of the carbon fibre.

    If I were buying a laptop today, it would be the 5000. It would not be an
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 22, 2007
  6. Neil W.

    Neil W. Guest

    Neil W., Jan 22, 2007
  7. No experience with it. However, I'm not impressed. One, it's a Dell. Two, it
    has a very weak display (1280x800??? - Sorry, that won't cut it. ) Maximum
    80 GB. And that only 5400 RPM. Listed weight over 6 Lbs. No bluetooth. Oh,
    and it doesn't even list a 64bit OS as an option, so no guarantees about
    drivers. Not inspiring. Everything else you could work around, but the
    display is fatal.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 22, 2007
  8. "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?" :)
    Colin Barnhorst, Jan 22, 2007
  9. And I didn't even mention the most important negative, for me. It's a Dell.


    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 22, 2007
  10. Aw, you just object to being called "Dude."
    Colin Barnhorst, Jan 22, 2007
  11. Neil W.

    Neil W. Guest

    I didn't see any Ferarri listed with a 64bit OS. I assume you installed
    your own over it?

    Looking at the Ferarris, they seem a bit pricey for what they deliver. I
    assume that Acer has to fork over a goodly amount of money for the
    Neil W., Jan 23, 2007
  12. Depends on where you buy it -- I know in EMEA it's available with XP x64.
    And Acer has been quite good about 64bit drivers for it.

    Is it pricy? Probably a little. Honestly, though, I think it is excellent
    value for the money. And it was my personal money, not some company's. The
    thing is, if you want cheap, you get cheap. If you want a quality machine,
    you're going to have to pay for it. I spend 12 hours a day in front of this
    thing, and need it when I'm on the road as well. So I need a machine that
    has the level of features that this does, is still light enough to carry,
    and that I can actually type on. And that has enough screen real estate that
    I can get some work done. For that, I simply couldn't find a better fit than
    this. And I'm willing to pay a small amount more for the cool factor. Butm
    what makes it cool, ultimately, is that it is a solid, well built, highly
    functional, FAST, and well designed machine. The carbon fibre actually has a
    functional value. The yellow medallion with the horse on it, doesn't. ;)
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 23, 2007
  13. Neil W.

    Dennis Pack Guest

    The only negative thing I remember hearing is that Barb got a 5000
    first. Have a great day.
    Dennis Pack, Jan 23, 2007
  14. Yup. She's still the only one of us with the 5000, I think. AND she got one
    with a 7.2k RPM drive as well. If there is one deficiency in the Ferrari it
    is that it uses PATA interface to the HD rather than SATA.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 23, 2007
  15. Neil W.

    Neil W. Guest

    Sorry - is that an Acer inside joke? What was the problem with buying a
    5000 first? Thanks.
    Neil W., Jan 23, 2007
  16. Neil W.

    Dennis Pack Guest

    It wasn't an Acer joke. It was a jealousy joke between Barb and
    Charlie. Sorry for the confusion. Have a great day.
    Dennis Pack, Jan 23, 2007
  17. What Dennis said. Just jealousy that Barb has her 5000 already. And I`ll
    probably have to skip a generation.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jan 23, 2007
  18. Neil W.

    Neil W. Guest

    I finally broke down and got a Dell Precision M65 with Core 2 Duo (with the
    assurances that I could return it for a full refund if it didn't work the
    way I wanted it).

    When I enabled VT in Bios I was able to install Windows XP 64 as a guest OS.
    So I may keep the M65 even though it is at the high end of the price scale.
    Neil W., Jan 30, 2007
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