VMWare VCP-410 practice questions in certsky.com

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jone1, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    The latest VMWare VCP-410 exam has been released in certsky.com now, and the VMWare VCP-410 Practice tests that we can provide are based on the extensive research and real-world experiences from our online trainers, with over 10 years of IT and certification experience. A great number of candidates for certsky.com VCP-410 practice questions have already been benefited themselves with the amazing study material of VCP-410. Here are two VCP-410 practice questions and answers, you can have a look: Which of the following tasks can be selected from the home page of an ESX Server (Choose Three)? A. Download VMware vCenter Server B. Browse Objects Managed by this Host C. Browse Virtual Machines in this Host's inventory D. Browse Datastores in this Host's inventory E. Download VMware Web Access Client Answer: ABD When installing ESX 4.0, where is the Service Console file system located? A. In a virtual disk on a local VMFS datastore B. In a virtual disk on a local or shared VMFS datastore C. On a local physical disk or on a mapped SAN LUN D. On a local physical disk Answer: A The website you can visit is: certsky.com
    jone1, Mar 23, 2010
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