VLAN or Not to VLAN

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Paul, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Can anyone give me some advice on the following config and which is
    the preferred way.

    Please note the 48-port module discussed below is installed into an
    existing 6509 and for security reasons no routing can take place at
    the 6509. It all would be done at the local site or via the Firewall.

    Option 1
    Each port on the 48-port module in the Cat 6509 (central site) would
    be assigned to a VLAN, with 1 port configured as a trunk to the
    Firewall to carry all VLANs. At the remote site port 1 of the Cat 3550
    would connect into the LES circuit (link to the central site), this
    would be in the same VLAN as the core. Therefore the IP addressing
    would be as follows:-

    IP Address of Firewall - mask
    IP Address of 3550 VLAN - mask

    This would be replicated for every site, which would create 41 point
    to point links.
    The concern seems to be the Management of the switches. Should I
    create a management subnet on top of the network addressing (as
    detailed above) e.g. The firewall would have an IP address in the
    management network and each switch would have a VLAN that was in the
    management network. IP addressing as follows: -

    IP Address of Firewall - mask
    IP Address of 3550 VLAN - mask

    The Other Option
    Use the network addressing i.e. the address for
    management as well as the network, in my option that it is perceived
    to be a bad practise. Assign an IP address to the physical interface
    of the 3550, instead of a VLAN. The management netowrk would be set up
    as a sub-interface on the 3550 (with a address and
    probably a full /32 mask) and route the management traffic back to
    Firewall via the network.

    Any comments.


    Paul, Oct 27, 2003
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