Vista x64 sometimes locks up after application crash

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by KeithXP, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. KeithXP

    KeithXP Guest

    I find Vista pretty stable all in all, but occasionally applications will
    crash, and I have experienced regular system-wide lockups following
    application crashes. These have occured in a few different apps, but I do not
    understand why a faulting application should cause Vista to completely hang.
    The only thing that works is the cursor, sometimes I can get Task Manager up,
    which shows CPU usage at over 90% idle and nothing untoward going on.

    I generally resort to a hard reset after watching my inanimate screen for 5
    mins or so.

    Why is this happening? (Why does Vista let it happen?)
    KeithXP, Jan 10, 2008
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  2. You don't say what applications do this so who knows?
    Colin Barnhorst, Jan 10, 2008
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  3. KeithXP

    KeithXP Guest

    Just after posting I thought I should have put something in about that. The
    last time it happened I was modifying a shortcut on ObjectDock (the 64bit
    Vista version). But it has happened to me with different apps - I will try
    and keep a record.

    BUT, my point is that I am surprised Vista can be completely incapacitated
    by an application crashing. That rarely happened even in XP (crashing was
    more frequent perhaps, but the OS recovered). I don't expect to be forced
    use the hardware reset button very often...
    KeithXP, Jan 10, 2008
  4. If you have anything in the Problem Reports and Solutions Center you may
    have links to updates for drivers and software that are giving you problems.
    Also check the Event Viewer\Windows Logs, both System and Applications for
    highlighted events with bangs or stops.

    A program can be poorly written for Vista and programs for XP can be
    correctly written for XP but cause lockups in Vista, especially if you
    upgraded to Vista rather than a fresh installation. Obviously something is
    causing contention for resources and you are on the right track keeping
    track of what you are doing when something happens.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jan 10, 2008
  5. Additional note: Here is an example of just how specific and helpful the
    Problem Report and Solutions Center messages can get. This is one I have on
    my system now.

    "Download updates for Sid Meiers Railroads
    This problem was caused by Sid Meiers Railroads. Sid Meiers Railroads was
    created by Firaxis Games Inc..


    A newer version of Sid Meiers Railroads is available for download that will
    address this problem. Firaxis Games Inc. recommends updating to the latest
    version of Sid Meiers Railroads to take advantage of security and stability

    Go to the Firaxis Games Inc. website and install the latest version of Sid
    Meiers Railroads:

    Firaxis Games Inc."

    A nice, plain English message to get off my lazy butt and check out the
    manufacturer's website for a fix.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jan 10, 2008
  6. KeithXP

    KeithXP Guest

    I do make a bit of an effort! I am used to consulting the Event Log, I always
    check I have latest releases of drivers etc. Sometimes errors are logged
    sometimes not. Sorry to repeat myself, but my point relates to Vistas
    handling of exceptions. I suppose if my experience is atypical, maybe there
    is something common at the root of it all, even though the faulting
    application may be different.

    Incidentally, this is not an upgraded OS. It is a relatively new machine
    (3months) and is generally reliable. Just when it crashes, it really crashes!
    KeithXP, Jan 10, 2008
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