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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by DEHawk, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. DEHawk

    DEHawk Guest

    I am thinking of upgrading to Vista Premium 64bit. I just bought a new laptop
    and I ordered Vista Premium 64bit with it and so far I like it.
    I have two home desktops as well and this is what the new Vista Premium will
    be for.
    First are there very many issues/conflicts with software? Office 2007,
    games, I-Tunes, Mozilla etc...? Same goes for drivers.

    Second do I have to buy two separate copies of Vista Premium, or can I buy
    one copy and purchase an additional license?

    Looking for the least expensive route, buying two copies of Vista Premium
    will be very expensive.

    DEHawk, Mar 22, 2008
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  2. DEHawk

    John Barnes Guest

    You will have to do your own research as to the drivers and software
    conflicts. Office 2007 has none, Itunes has been iffy even with the new
    version. Vista has many more drivers than XP64, so you may not have too
    much trouble with recent equipment. Do check with the manufacturers.
    You can purchase one copy and an additional license. Only one I have seen
    for sure is
    but there must be others. I linked the upgrade, if you need full just
    You might consider going with the OEM versions which are cheaper.
    John Barnes, Mar 23, 2008
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  3. Colin Barnhorst, Mar 23, 2008
  4. DEHawk

    John Barnes Guest

    John Barnes, Mar 23, 2008
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