Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by David Ruether, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Recently I've had more interesting visions than

    previously. ;-) Early ones consisted of a closing

    black-field aperture (1/2 second), followed by an

    instant return to normal vision. The center was

    occupied by a still of what I had been last looking

    at (and there have been variations on this). Lately,

    I've "seen" parallel tilted blue neon tubes in the

    aperture center, and "hyper-real" very close-in

    views of a white china surface with the medium

    blue or red silk-screened patterning clearly evident,

    and black, gold, and green or blue brocade cloth

    with all its stitching and weaving very clear - these

    last ones within a larger aperture. Before you begin

    to think the obvious..., read this 8^)

    A friend sent it, and this plus looking up

    "scintillating scotomas" among other visual effects

    I experience, likely from the same cause, may

    finally account for several problems I've had in the

    last 7 years (the cause can affect speech, muscle

    control, perspective/size perception, and hearing

    [but mostly for short periods]). Some interesting

    things that have resulted are the bodies of art,

    architecture, crafts (Persian rugs, mosaics, dish

    and bowl patterns), and even literature (many

    images in "Alice in Wonderland" are thought to be

    based on visual effects experienced by Lewis Carroll,

    for example - and then there is that famous

    disembodied Cheshire cat's smile, which may have

    been a silver scintillating scotoma [they come in silver,

    gold, black, and "clear-but-soft"]) that appear to be

    derived from these images. It is difficult to connect

    all this with photography, but it is a form of imagery

    (albeit hard to "fix" photographically for others to see ;-)

    which is often made up of "noise" or "grain", is

    mostly in color, and is often quite memorable...

    David Ruether, Sep 8, 2009
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