Virus's from top of the search results.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by RastaDaddy, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. RastaDaddy

    RastaDaddy Guest

    I use Google search for everything, and today when searching for
    "Website Templates Free", I checked the top of the list and clicked on
    the first link, as soon as I was directed to
    the site, it prompted me to download a something in regards to veiwing
    flash, as soon as I clicked it I was informed by AVG that I had been
    infected with a trojan horse. This is the top of the search results! I
    expect crap like this from the bottom of the list, but not the top! Is
    there a way to get this site taken off until their site is fixed?
    RastaDaddy, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. RastaDaddy

    Ionizer Guest

    What name does AVG give this alleged Trojan? It may be a false positive-
    get multiple second opinions on the suspect file by uploading it here for
    analysis: (2MB file size
    limit) or here: (5MB file size limit.)

    Ionizer, Mar 2, 2005
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  3. RastaDaddy

    Demmin Rahl Guest

    liar. I use avg and I just wnet to the site. Nothing happened.
    Demmin Rahl, Mar 2, 2005
  4. RastaDaddy

    RastaDaddy Guest

    File name is - BlackBox.class
    Result/Infection is - Virus identified Java/ByteVerify
    Path is - C:\Documents and
    next is
    File name is - archive[1].jar
    Result/Infection is - Virus identified Java/ByteVerify
    Path is - C:\Documents and Settings\...........\archive[1].jar
    Now, I have scanned the putr thoroughly and have cleaned that to which
    was infected, but the fact still remains, why would this pop up at that
    particular time and is it possible that it came from the said site?
    RastaDaddy, Mar 2, 2005
  5. RastaDaddy

    RastaDaddy Guest

    don't come on here calling me a liar, I am merely passing along what
    has happenned to me in hopes to find out why this would happen when
    accessing the said site. If I wanted to create a debate on it, you can
    be sure I would pick a better topic and be more in depth with details.
    I can see these forums really need to be monitored more closely.
    RastaDaddy, Mar 2, 2005
  6. RastaDaddy

    Demmin Rahl Guest

    I got no virus. how do you explane that?
    Demmin Rahl, Mar 2, 2005
  7. RastaDaddy

    Richard Guest

    Then you are infected if you use IE6 and have "enable install on demand"
    I mainly use firefox and did not get the dialog box as I have the install on
    demand disabled.
    With IE6 I got the request to install an item, clicked ok, and yep, got
    notified it was a bad deal.

    tools>>>options>>>advanced tab.
    scroll down until you see two items "Enable install on demand....." uncheck

    Also install AVG 7.
    Richard, Mar 3, 2005
  8. RastaDaddy

    Richard Guest

    Do you have antivirus installed and updated?
    If not, you could be infected.
    Richard, Mar 3, 2005
  9. RastaDaddy

    El Duderino Guest

    Makes you a LIAR Demmin..not very nice is it, being called that when all you
    are doing is trying to get some advice.
    El Duderino, Mar 4, 2005
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