Virus assistance please... Any help would be appreciated

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Stevhan Hartwell, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. My gf's puter is sick ... Please help!

    Was running Win98SE, running NAV. NAV was shut down by the virus. Her HDD
    filled up and became completely inaccessible. Tried to format and
    reinstall, no go. The install began to drop system files and would not
    complete. Fdisk'ed and formatted again (PM 8), still continued to drop
    system files on install.

    Switched to Win2K, install went okay, but it was unstable. Had to run AVG
    (Up-to-date DAT) & McAfee's Stinger (latest version) every hour to keep
    ahead of the system files that were being replaced. 5 viruses kept
    showing up and being deleted or being placed in the virus vault. (Nachi,
    w32/sdbot.worm.gen, mumu, mus.irc, agobot.) Unable to access internet IP

    Next I reset the Bios, pulled the CMOS battery, fdisk'ed / formatted (PM-
    8), then reinstalled Win2k. Still unstable - with same 5 "symptom"
    viruses showing up. NAV online scan showed no viruses. Unable to access
    internet IP flooding, had to <ctrl><alt><del> to shut down errant
    SVHOST.EXE, DLLHOST or other foreign files that should not have been
    running. (This allowed internet access for the short term.)

    Next step - pulled CMOS battery, reset Bios (held trip for 2 mins),
    pulled RAM, ran diagnostics from maker all clear, Low Level format (3x
    pass), low level partition deletion/recreation (using maker's utilities
    from Ultimate Boot Disk), ran Fprot from UBD (DAT from Sept/03) - all
    clear, reinstall Win2k. Installed all Security Updates from MS. Ran virus
    scans (AVG/Trojan Scanner/NAV online/Stinger) without problem - for 48

    Today it stopped working again entirely. In constant reboot mode, unable
    to even enter Safe Mode. It sits in a continual loop of rebooting.

    I'm completely at a loss as to what to do next. I think I've covered the
    bases a dozen times over. The last thing is either Linux or use it as a
    boat anchor. (Given she's not technically inclined, the boat is prolly
    the better option.) Thoughts? Suggestions? ANYTHING would be

    Stevhan Hartwell, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. Stevhan Hartwell

    Orion Guest

    [horrific story of PC nightmares snipped]
    i'm no expert (not by far) but one or two things jump to mind...

    on the off-chance you haven't already done so, download *all* the
    security files you need (AV, firewall, spyware detectors, etc.), burn
    them to a CD, and have them ready (obviously, do this on a separate,
    virus-free machine). if at all possible, put all the MS security
    updates on taht CD as well (might not be possible, i've never even

    wipe the system again (if you can't get to a dos prompt, boot from a
    windows CD or even an old DOS bootdisk if you've got one) and load all
    your security onto the computer before you connect to the internet.

    it might just be that you're contracting these vicious viruses in the
    time between going on-line and installing security (i've had the same
    problem myself just recently).

    however, i suspect you've already done all this, which makes me think
    that, despite your problems being primarily virus-related, there could
    be something physically wrong with the computer.

    yank the HD and see if it works in a different box (one that has AVs
    coming out it's ass, mind you). do a physical check on the disk. i've
    had HDs go bad on me and they can be a pain in the ass.

    see if your MB is smoked. i've heard rumours of viruses that can
    actually make your computer spike itself with power and burn out
    components, might just be a boogeyman story, but who knows?

    at this point, though, if it's at all economically reasonable, i think
    you might just have to buy a new computer.
    Orion, Oct 17, 2003
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  3. BTW: As an additional note I did Fdisk /mbr during both "Next and Next
    step" as quoted above.
    Stevhan Hartwell, Oct 17, 2003
  4. Stevhan Hartwell

    Harrison Guest

    Well there's something. fdisk /mbr isn't deleting partitions or
    formatting. It's merely a means by which one could restore the master
    boot record.

    Also, you said you fdisked and formatted with PM 8.
    Please explain that process a bit more in detail.
    Harrison, Oct 17, 2003
  5. Using Partition Magic 8 - deleted partition. Recreated new partition.
    Fdisk mbr came before AND after the partitioning/formatting.
    Also noted: When installing it was using REAL disks. Secondly, the AV /
    Trojan scanners / firewall were all installed from CD (from clean source -
    my puter) prior to going online.

    Stevhan Hartwell, Oct 17, 2003
  6. Stevhan Hartwell

    roach Guest

    the only thing ive not seen you mention is a firewall
    i recently reinstalled windows xp on a few of my friends pcs
    and everytime i setup there net connections they immediatly
    got infected with a virus
    i had to turn on xps own fwall to stop the thing shutting down

    so i would install some kind of firewall and run it b4 u setup
    any net connections

    you are fdisk and formatting at dos level?
    if you are having problems installing
    then its a hardware issue

    if it worked b4 but not now it sounds like you have a bad harddrive
    prob due to the constant low level formats /virus attacks/bad sectors etc
    roach, Oct 17, 2003
  7. Stevhan Hartwell

    Soup Guest

    <sorry tale of woe snipped>

    Could be getting reinfected right away, so try the format with the modem
    physically disconnected from the comp/cable Failing that a format SHOULD
    remove any working viruses so it seems part(s) of your computer is/are shot
    try testing the hard drive in another (working) machine, unless you have
    oscilloscopes e.t.c.(and the skill) all you can do with the mainboard is a
    visual check so to get that checked its probably a local repair shop .
    Whatever is wrong it sounds expensive maybe time to upgrade anyway.Just had
    a thought maybe the CD to install 98se may be corrupted (scratched e.t.c.).
    Best of luck whatever happens.
    Soup, Oct 17, 2003
  8. Stevhan Hartwell

    Harrison Guest

    One of two things.

    1. If you are putting her drive in your computer to run PM8 for
    partitioning and formatting, don't.
    You've got a Windows 2000 CD, so use it in her computer for the entire
    process. The setup process has a paritioning/formatting tool built
    into it.

    2. As someone else mentioned, get a firewall to guard against
    re-infection while downloading updates.
    Harrison, Oct 17, 2003
  9. I'm not putting her drive on my puter to do the partitioning from PM8. I
    have the cd to do that dirty work.
    It is guarded with ZA pro 4 - That was the first program that I installed
    after windows. Second came AVG.

    Stevhan Hartwell, Oct 17, 2003
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