VIRGIN/NTL cable upload problem

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Silvabod, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Silvabod

    Silvabod Guest

    Have Virgin (NTL) cable service, Teryon cable modem connected to wireless
    modem to give internet access to 2nd pc. Both are XP/SP2 and all later
    upgrades, except for IE7 which has still too many bugs (tried twice,
    reverted to IE6).
    The "main" pc is normally cabled to the router, however I've just tried
    "radio" link alone, to discover a worrying anomoly.
    "Download" speed is around 1880kbps, on "radio" is only approx 158kbps
    (signal strength 54 Mbps)
    On CABLED router connection - "Download" speed around 1800kbps, but upload
    only 110kbps
    (these are averages over several tests) (signal strength 100Mbps) - Radio
    better than cable???

    Virgin "helpdesk" advise that they are only concerned with the download
    speed, which is in their view acceptably close to the service level I'm
    paying for (2Mbps). They refuse any help toward improving upload speed.

    Using Tuneup Utilities, my internet connection is optimally configured (it

    Takes forever to upload to my website, and (this may or may not be related)
    am suffering constant frequent Voip calls dropping out.

    Has anyone any idea on what to tweak to improve upload speed?
    Silvabod, Mar 24, 2007
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