Virgin network expansion

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Andy Burns, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Andy Burns

    Andy Burns Guest

    Andy Burns, Feb 13, 2015
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  2. I don't see any indication of where these 4 million extra premises
    will be. Are they just hoping to plant a few more green boxes and sign
    up more customers in areas already within reach of an internet
    service, or are they going to extend their network to rural areas that
    will benefit most because they currently have no services at all?

    If it's the latter, they should make more of it in their press
    releases, because it's something that will make a real difference.

    Roderick Stewart, Feb 13, 2015
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  3. Andy Burns

    eastender Guest

    The expansion will mostly be in cities in areas where cable has not be
    laid, such as parts of east London, I heard this morning.

    I wish though they'd sort upgrades to existing customers first - we've
    had capacity issues in our area for two years, and before that another
    capacity issue that took at leats 18 months to address.

    eastender, Feb 13, 2015
  4. Andy Burns

    Andy Burns Guest

    The press release itself doesn't say, the BBC seem to be interpreting it
    as "not rural", which I suppose from a commercial PoV is likely to be
    true. It might only amount to extending to new housing estates that have
    been built since they did their main build-out, and filling in any
    suburban gaps in their existing coverage areas.

    The hope has to be that at the end of the 5 years, they see it as having
    been worthwhile, and continue the expansion ...
    Andy Burns, Feb 13, 2015
  5. Andy Burns

    Andy Burns Guest

    Didn't hear much after the initial puff about Virgin trialling fibre
    strung from BT telegraph poles to allow installation of rural cabinets,
    did a trial even take place (Wales?)
    Andy Burns, Feb 13, 2015
  6. Andy Burns

    David Wade Guest

    There is a link

    where you can register an interest
    David Wade, Feb 13, 2015
  7. Andy Burns

    Phil W Lee Guest

    From what I've gathered, a large proportion of the increase is going
    to be in-filling estates and streets that are within cable areas but
    currently don't have provision.
    Best bang for the buck.
    I don't think it's very likely that they are going to be making many
    (if any) new installations into really isolated areas, although some
    villages may benefit, as long as they are not too far from some
    existing cable infrastructure.
    Four houses at the end of a 5km line?
    Forget it.
    Phil W Lee, Feb 13, 2015
  8. I read somewhere that there are some villages that the original cablecos
    wired, but then didn't connect to the convenient fibre trunk that was
    passing through. Or they fitted a tap off the trunk ready for wiring the
    village but never got around to it.

    Are any of those still around?

    Theo Markettos, Feb 14, 2015
  9. Andy Burns

    eastender Guest

    We've just been given Virgin's latest Superhub - it's made a big
    difference to performance as a wired router and it's dual band wireless
    is also much better. The engineer who gave it to us said the old
    Superhub was rubbish... Both are of course custom Netgear cable

    eastender, Feb 15, 2015
  10. Andy Burns

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I don't know about that, but I know a few where they went straight
    along the high street, and ignored everything else.
    Phil W Lee, Feb 19, 2015
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