VIP-3-AFOVERFLOW: VIP address filter table full

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Arjan, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Arjan

    Arjan Guest

    Dear all,

    I've got two 7509's connected by trunk to a Cat5505 via FE's on FEIP2's.
    We're using HSRP on these trunks. After the recent upgrade due to 'the'
    advisory the box refused to come up and barfed large amounts of CBUS
    errors. Somewhere hidden in all those messages I noticed :
    table full
    table full

    Rolling back to the original software did not solve this problem, another
    issue that puzzles me: why haven't we suffered from this before?

    This pointed (via CCO) to HSRP and after removing a fair amount of HSRP
    interfaces the boxes resumed normal service. The number of HSRP interfaces
    is somewhere around 40 per trunk, so I guess this should be a problem. CCO
    does not say anything more than:

    1. %VIP-3-AFOVERFLOW: VIP address filter table full
    VIP Ethernet-like interface uses an internal MAC address table to filter
    incoming packets. Once the table is full, additional address entries are
    rejected. Any incoming packets with destination addresses not in the table
    will be ignor ed.

    Recommended Action: The address table is consumed by various protocols,
    like PIM or HSRP. If too many HSRP entries are configured for one
    interface, the entry could be exhausted. Distribute some of those HSRP
    entries to other Ethernet interfaces.

    This is not really helping, isn't it. Is the MAC table hardware or
    software, can it be enlarged, is it enlarged in other IOS version, etc.
    While using HSRP on trunks, one should expect a large number of MAC
    adresses on a physical interface...

    Anyone seen this before ?
    Arjan, Jul 22, 2003
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