video producer seeking expert presenter on popular still cameras to star in how-to video

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by David Welch, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. David Welch

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    My name is David Welch and I am a video producer and owner of a video
    production company in Valparaiso, Indiana named Shining Star Video
    Productions. We specialize in producing instructional or how-to videos
    that we mainly market over the internet. I am posting this message
    because we are seeking people accomplished in various fields who might
    want their very own professionally produced video produced at
    absolutely no cost to them. If we feel there is a market on the
    internet to sell your video, we will waive our normal production cost
    of approximately $5000. This is a very unusual offer from a video
    company for the right individual. The reason we are posting messages
    such as this on various forums and discussion groups, is that it is
    much more efficient and cheaper in contacting "experts" than mailing
    out letters to thousands of businesses around the country.

    We designed this as a win-win situation and several "experts" have
    already taken advantage of it. We recently produced how to videos on
    arc welding, how to detail a vehicle and how to bake and decorate a
    wedding cake. We have been selling all of these quite successfully on
    the internet and would like to produce more titles. If you are
    interested in purchasing any of the above-mentioned titles, please let
    us know. We can ship them anywhere in the world. We also have various
    other titles in different stages of development such as Alzheimers
    disease, body piercing, tattooing, smoking cessation, custom coffee
    brewing etc. Do you have a special interest, knowledge, hobby or skill
    that others might want to pay to learn? Would you like to earn extra
    money by selling it to others?

    Why would you want your own video produced? You might want your own
    professional video (or DVD) to help train your employees, as a video
    resume, to help advertise your business around the country, to market
    yourself etc. The only condition we have in waiving our fees is that
    you agree not to market it on the internet and compete against us. You
    are perfectly welcome to sell your own video (or DVD) out of your
    place of business or through ads in niche magazines.

    This is not a scam or get-rich-quick scheme. This is a legitimate
    bonafide offer. I am a professional producer who has successfully
    owned my own business for 12 years. My partner and assistant director
    is a film school graduate from Columbia University in Chicago. We
    shoot all video in 3 chip digital and edit on the latest computer
    technology. We are not just a couple of crazy guys who bought some
    equipment and came up with a get-rich-quick scheme. If you would like
    to discuss our offer or request a demo video and brochure, please
    phone me at 219.531.6860 or email me at . You might
    be glad you did. If we are out of the office on a shoot, please leave
    your name and contact information on our answering machine. BTW, we
    will be shooting video in Hawaii from Feb.9-19 so if we are a little
    late in responding to your call, that is the reason.

    David L. Welch
    Shining Star Video Productions
    Valparaiso, IN
    David Welch, Feb 6, 2004
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