Video in streaming mode stops after 8 min

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Izod, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Izod

    Izod Guest

    Windows XP, I can watch videos in .wmv format to the end if they are
    not more the 8 minutes long in Steaming Mode. Any longer just doesn't
    get come up. The one I'm trying to watch is 55 minutes long. Is this a
    buffer problem and if so how do I increase it. Thanks.

    Izod, Dec 22, 2006
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  2. Izod

    Pennywise Guest

    Try VLC
    File > Open network stream.

    Use your Browser to copy the link address, then paste into VLC.
    Pennywise, Dec 22, 2006
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  3. Izod

    DanR Guest

    Very interesting how the VLC app can stream video. Never tried it before.
    Playing around last night it seems VLC will stream but not buffer. So if my
    download speed can not keep up there are many dropped frames. In the case of
    my test about 30% frames were dropped. (1.5Mb down) But the stream starts
    At my job we often upload files to an FTP site for client viewing. Because
    of the PC / MAC compatibility issues we upload QT (mov), wmv and mpg(1)
    files. Clients with PCs can click the wmv version (media player opens and
    starts buffering) and after 15 or so seconds the video will begin to stream.
    The buffer almost always stays ahead of the video being viewed.
    MAC folks can click the QT version and pretty much the same thing happens. A
    stream begins after a short wait.
    The opposite is not true however. If a PC user clicks the QT version the
    entire video file must be downloaded before anything seems to happen. Same
    with a MAC user clicking the wmv version. A file in the 15-20MB range may
    take 4-5 minutes to download and while that is happening the user is given
    no prompts or information. So the user may think that the link is broken
    because they click and nothing seems to happen. The mpg1 versions seem to
    behave differently depending on which is the default player for that type
    So I was surprised that VLC would immediately start a stream of a QT file on
    a pc. But the dropped frames are not acceptable.
    So I throw this long-winded bunch of words out there to anyone who may have
    an idea to solve this PC / MAC issue. It would be nice to be able to put one
    file up and have anyone (MAC / PC) be able to view it as it streams.
    DanR, Dec 23, 2006
  4. Izod

    Pennywise Guest

    File > Open network stream

    You can change the caching in the advanced section.
    Pennywise, Dec 23, 2006
  5. Izod

    Izod Guest

    Thanks for the open thoughts. The description I described was from a
    user of my web site. I put videos out in .wmv format to stream and in
    pc's it's great for me. At this time I'm not worried about the Mac
    user's, I have nothing to sell and the viewers of the video are
    residence of a park I'm in. But I can't find the answer to a problem of
    the termination after about 8 minutes. I have two files out there. 1
    is a little over 5 minutes. The other is a long one... A meeting held
    for the park by trustee's and it's a little over an hour. One viewer
    says the little one is fine. The long one shuts down after 8 minutes
    and he gets the same results after 8 minutes each time he tries. It's
    got to be on his end, but I don't know what to tell him to do to correct

    Izod, Dec 24, 2006
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